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ments. Any attempt at such would injure the cervix
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President s Address. The President taking the chair for the first
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petent surgeons is devoid of risk from septic peritonitis.
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Varieties. Four varieties are distinguished a Sarcoptes
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controversy has raged between the two schools Whitfield 1905
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the lateral ventricles the heart was slightly enlarged
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The patient had had chorea at 12 and polyarthritis at 13 and 36.
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Assistant Attending Surgeon to the Methodist Episco
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ruptured and slightly above this rupture the muscles were torn
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the Portuguese Valesco de Taranta whose Philonium s. Practica medica
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Governor Examiner or Assistant of the said College hereby established JJ oflk
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people are now regarded as insane who a generation ago would have been
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his special problem and will be influenced in his treatment of the
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enlarxed from exoamosis and afterwards in from twelve to thirty
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there were 3 instances of perforation of the appendix by a typhoid ulcer.
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the laboratory of Professor Poehl in powder or tablet form.
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St. Thomas comprises the island of St. Thomas and the island of
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mesentery be cut through at its root and the bowels laid on the
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to find out that fact and by conference with the parents
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Lime has been found useful in scrofulous disease of bones