hours. Limited to the upper half of the inguinal canal the loop was
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proper place and then to draw it steadily backwards so as not to
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late to do more than arrest further progress of the
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losis from milk but it is desirable for standard methods of
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infiltration of the cord there should be no pain. In operations on the
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The hands face and genitalia are the arts most frequently affected. Itch
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Post graduate Courses are to be given nest week at the following
following spinal anesthesia with stovain and cocain. They treated
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health. His four children all grown are also healthy. If in conse
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States and the difficulty of determining the nature of the dis
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Both of these papers will appear in subsequent issues
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stippling as the most common findings in lead poisoning they were
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else. What is occupying the mind of one person at any given
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and were types of hysteric vomiting. There was no gustatory satisfaction
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provokes as in other diseases an organic antitoxic reaction.
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limb whose muscles are inactive and coldness and cya
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by Biernak have proven that the greater the dropsy the greater the
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The other athoIogical processes which produce a similar clinical pictoro
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fiseow to be able to compare the aoundH which ore audiUo at tbe
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being established at Hardelot. At present the projects for
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soreness of the throat on the slightest exposure and
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hands that it would immediatelv draw up its limb but would
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upward or downward to correspond with the compression that they
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warde let them be stamped and incorporate with four
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and coordinating knowledge. The faults of the German system
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umbilicus and one about twice that size over each gluteal muscle.
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compared with the same externally applied. The greatest effect will be
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same amount of terror as before. As in the previous trial he
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cardiac tonics or vascular dilators. Some authorities claim that
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severity of the attack the prompt development of the algid amp tat being
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officinalis sen vulga ris seu Per sica Ru ta capra
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History. There are several varieties of this species the most promi
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peared in all its former severity in the right side. From the
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affected by it and I have myself witnessed its occurrence in a child
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ligatures were used. In my humble judgment we are coming to the
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I questioned the mother clearly but could draw out no specific history.
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One of the greatest anomalies of human conduct considered in the
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unusual conditions and not as a part of the physiological changes
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spheres which damage the whole of the voluntary motor tract
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with like result. He and his friends made fifty two
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occurs will it signify that the woman is not pregnant
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referable to the bladder until about seven hours after
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len and the face may look puffed particularly during the
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Fig. 18. Section of an anastomosis of the jejunum of a dog
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varenga Prize. l eing the income for one year of the be
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of cranial nerves and when the disease was fully established there was
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this figure 107 is considered a very small proportion. One third
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because the entrance of a little water into the trachea
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and skiagrams to illustrate the effects of bullets of varying calibers
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rib an indistinct pulsation is felt which is probably communi
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If the bowels are much affected a special point will be the avoidance
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operation engorged with blood and favour haemorrhage
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neys do not participate to any extent in anemia leukemia and
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In frontal sinus suppuration whenever operatrvo measures
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tance. And last but not least our beloved fellow classmate M.
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is certain that lesions of the corpora striata may render articu
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wedges and by taking advantage of different epidemics
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volved secondoyry thrombosis. As a rule thrombi grow
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studied. It is certain that doses smaller than those
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I would refer the reader to the description of this operation as given
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clinical history was obtained an autopsy was not permitted. In
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the insect is gorged and at first it is painless. But very
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semiflexed and held rigid because of the pain produced
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will be placed upon an approved list and he will re
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OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY Librarian. Security required for 200. Salary
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Salicine prepared by substituting citric acid for the tartaric and which