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Our own vocabulary to day owes something to Persia. So common
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that the spermatozoon enters the ovum and that fertilization is accomplished
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of eight rectal injections of salvarsan. Coincidently
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The most rational explanation of the circulatory symp
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induced changes are little understood. As the chemical elements are
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educational requirements amount to nothing. They amount tc
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powers of organic life have been injured that the diaphragm and respi
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ing in viewing the wonderful creations of masters in the differ
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given him full opportunitv to examine the books and
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don Bruce and MacDonald of Ontario Dr. Roddick and Smith of Quebec
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on the street without following up the case to see that
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passed into the posterior part of the cerebellum and much
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can industrial and commercial enterprises. In certain
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mission. On physical examination she showed good muscular
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Football. The attractions of football for intellectual men Rich
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peritoneal abscesses and the removal of foreign l odies recognized by
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tisements of patent medicines and appliances for the
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had finally proved the mutual transmissibility of these
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the temperature was 99.4 the pulse 73 the respiration
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I operated upon a patient whose common duct contained a stone
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sideration of the symptoms and their response to treatment that
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eradicate the disease in the quarantined areas are doing much to stamp
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deliberate in the election of the point of puncture. With the patient in
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and the smaller book here quoted which was translated into English by Nicholas
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had obtained from the Government security of tenure for
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exciting cause is apparent is oflener developed abruptly than in a
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sequences. The hfe history is still incompletely known though there
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branching fistula must be taken as otherwise the wound will
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has great advantages over the ordinary method of inhaling it
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of table salt. Hunt dresses with chlorate of potassa Deutsch
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suffered from nitritoid crises even though they were treated with
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If a patient is admitted to a ward with valuables these should be
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enriched diet the little girl at 28 months was a traus
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losis which justified surgical intervention. He thought that a
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carried into the infected area and thus healing tends
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Sir I have been fjreatly interested in this discussion
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arrested development prevent the absorption of the sinus
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To inspect the naso pharynx the palate must be relaxed the patient
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the brain which however may be due not solely to spasm of
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chest walls. Breath sounds distinct. Expiration slightly prolonged
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personal prophylaxis it may be stated that the individual can Ijcst protect
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trating the importance of the age factor which is almost invariably
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third time into contact with Semitic thought. But it must be re
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might also be used. In the chronic variety he would greatly
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it pre eminently a book of the greatest value to the
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be fed full with sops but it is certain that the sops will
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wert must vary enormously under different conditions depending on
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structure of the kidney the liver the salivary glands
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would have been followed with ureteral ably irresponsible just so certain will
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of men and which I have grouped under the name of anthropotech
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A person whose flesh is solid and who is living a correct
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Conclusions. Three facts stand out very conspicuously in the
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ratory phenomena as the hot season advanced. The maximum state
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sary complaining of attacks of free bleeding and of
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it is said that they differed in complexion and the colour of
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sertion of metal or celluloid plates and the injection
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easily from the nose upward into the left sinus. It was
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twisted or thrown with overpowering force from one side of