ing to the reparative processes of Nature to restore per

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He said in brief Epilepsy occurring without any rec

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The distinct power it possesses as a calmative agent is markedly

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fact that the Chinaman is more easily bullied by sight of

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The lesion was in the cervical region and the symp

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to control by the Board. Dr. Lee reported to the Board

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of red corpuscles and more or less modified desquamated cells.

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knows how by placing the camera tlie part nearest the lens will

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to be acid there will be no colour but one must add some

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in the lung. An examination of the lung may show that

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valvular affections of the heart but were unconscious of the valvular

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friends of the deceased lived in order that they might cry over

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tant amongst these is the occurrence of nystagmus that is.

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Dr. John B. Wright Raleigh Chairman I wish to say that per

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did not interfere in any way with urination. As the

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in the cartilage canal fig. 1. The connective tissue attach

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there is a relation between its lumen and the circulation

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meditollium the bark splits transversely into rings between which

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ivith Reference to their Possible Application to Cancer. 14

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vesical flap and finally brought out about one quarter of

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formatio reticularis alba and descend. On their way

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G. V. Woolen of Indianapolis oJvm calls attention to the im

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lar conduction path in its lower part anterior roots and

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and add to the filtered product Alcohol one Jluidounce.

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Other Eclectic schools and journals were established in

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disease. Here he is in accord with Bouchard and his

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frequently in the first two years though but seldom in the first

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reports a case of syphilitic inoculation from a human bite on the hand.

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cells are scavengers uKM ely because they convert food products

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jections of carbonate of creosote using 8 to 16 minims of a

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of the mortality but spread of the disease. The author

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It is unilerstooci that the University authorities have in con