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widows and orphans of soldiers who die or are killed in

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of such cases must suppose the total eradication of the infective

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The sore itself is surrounded by a zone of redness and new papules

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twelve to fifteen thicknesses of gauze that will cover the

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statements of the agglutinability factors of the various batches of cultures

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show this. Among 11 500 patients received in the course of four

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pustulation over the eczematous areas. It is most probable that these areas are

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importance of getting at the causes which made it impossible for so

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problems of infantile mortality it must I think be con

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mittee of the Chicago amp Northwestern Railroad and

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Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research with a view

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processes that are essential to our continued well being.

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in 1842 confirmed a discovery which became the starting point

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DOW have recourse to a narcotic. That question ought

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As regards the temporary removal of brain functions after

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morbid process with which they may be confounded if an exception is made

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patient. Previous affections of the lungs emphysema or

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the light set before them that antiseptic surgery and

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typical examples of idiopathic epilepsy out of nineteen epilep

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of the internal jugular vein. These glands are more

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Beginning in February 1921 we have had the opportunity in

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the latter then appear to have lost the firm tense consistence

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Throat St. Thomas s Hospital London 1882 97 ibid for National Hospital

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vidually severe consequently presenting fatal features more so

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dependence that was placed upon them. Their physical

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containing these conclusions and the data upon which they were founded.

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If we inquire into the habits of the domestic brute mammalia

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gave little weight to the evidence of either basing its

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tive stage. When the disease is recognized early and

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used in modem clinical medicine are given very satis

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ready. The necessities will consist of a solution of bichlorid of mercury

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sary for the expulsion of the ovum greater. In multigravidse with

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separated from one another with their ends fitted into iron caps cne

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present yet careful examination on section will detect myriads of very

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slowly and insidiously and the pulmonary symptoms are so quietly and

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Occasionally one finds a group of cells arranged in con

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Doctor R. P. Lyman your worthy Secretary is a very dan

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edy in infantile convulsions as well as the best sedative

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complication. The cause of the rise of temperature in the great majority of

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nasopharynx the bronchi and lt esophagu.s the mesenteric and inguinal

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