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belonging to the genus Anoetus Duj. in the Hypopus stage. These

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arbitrary since we realize the extreme difficu.lty of making

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occupies the irregular space left vacant by the retracting lung and to

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for the condition. A patient of his own having been struck on the

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colonies spread some have a slightly yellowisli tint and are

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if the means used hold the organs in place and cure the principal

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woodwork and walls before replacing its contents but the price and scarcity

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In these cases there may or may not be fatty degeneration of

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stances. From the point of view of immunization the

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Espy reported 1 119.68 in cash and notes on hand which was accepted

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skeptical as to new cures facts compel me to yield as

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violence. Before the fatal termination of many of the diseases of infancy

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Houlstou Thomas On Poisons and on the Use of Mercury in Dysentery

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profuse diarrhoea diarrh ea of calves and dysentery in newly born

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History. As the purgative principle of rhubarb is injured to a greater

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If I wanted arguments to strengthen my original opinion

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can be removed but the necessity for its removal is not

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Endeavours have been made to obtain some mixture or essential oil

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within forty minutes of the bite consist of anxiety prostration

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male Papuans in good health and spirits who had been brought from New

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vh ch might have predisposed to a friability of the organ.

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quently between these two extremes there were established

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ing the last weeks of pregnancy and at the time of labor. Slemons

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been elected to the office of Speaker of the Ontario

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the day or finally being altogether suppressed. Suppression is never

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throw much Ught on the status of Egyptian medicine in this period

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elevated the angles of the mouth are drooping. Whilst in elation

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some organic disease existed. Under treatment however he improved and

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of this city have given great notoriety to the proceedings of the

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same must be acknowledged. It is not our purpose to depre

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anatomical investigation. Take for instance the granulomata

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before the blood pressure regurgitant escape of blood from the ventricle

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tension which they found to produce alopecia and dermatitis. They

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painful upon the slightest touch even in the absence of any exudate.

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to try to imagine how this healthy blush would appear

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trying general practice for a short time he was recom

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lbs. He had been a carriage horse until about two years ago

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ruary 2Sth Dr. William Walters in the fifty eighth year of

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rests. The larvae tend to displace downwards and are passed