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arsenious oxide and two parts of potassium bicarbonate in ten parts
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evidence of nephritis though it may be in a very early stage. Just
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impressions in regard to the disease and its various
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pains due to smaller interferences with the intestines
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pharyngeal swabs and nasal washings from cases of epidemic encephalitis
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was a valuable hoemostatic. In a great many instances it was
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plete extinguishment was the eventual fate of most of
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Grants to institutions of the nature of schools for
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The fact that two cases have been cured and one prob
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causing the patient to swallow ice. Possibly the cold
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with sore throat but no running of the nose. In measles the eruption
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crime being committed under the influence of hypnotic sug
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secretion from the kidneys cannot be such as belongs to perfect health.
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ing this a mild course of mixed treatment should be continued per
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their hands and brains are as complete as we have the
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leeching is no longer proper while certain and almost immediate relief may
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than in 1 gt 04. The proportion tinally accepted was also somewhat less
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indication of the form in which it desired medical benefit
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The efforts of Lord Haldane and other friends etc.
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with the operator. It is my experience that no fixed rule
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toma by deep coma sometimes by comnilsions partial or gennal
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in the jawbone. The root of each of the incisors canines
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this property may serve as a means of diagnosis be
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nation s economic future and the quality of health care in the U.S.
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est grade of efficiency in military hygiene medicine
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any theory they are but bad discerners of verity and in the
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fever and the pain is sometimes so intense as to cause delirium
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the severe paroxysms of pain bypodernncs of morphia or of cocaine must
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The general physical examination has revealed no particu
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passed his examination of D.Sc. with great distinction
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just as are other contents of the surplus kits verified.
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nated with malarial poLson. After a period of exposure of longer or
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the branches of the fifth pair. l Experiments have proven that the
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although slight in itself soon becomes annoying to any nervous person and
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thinks it entirely within the bounds of possibility
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This is. however an intracellular parasite of the liver but after
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Other State societies as well as the American Medical As
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The air of EDINBURGH though neither genial nor mild is yet salubrious
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Course and Prognosis. The course in actinomycosis is
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medicine is that the inside of the body should have
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unpleasant emotions. A tired man is apt to be irritable
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appears spontaneously the tumor ceasing to grow and
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wa h their faces and generally quite behind their ears every time
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The ground and authority of this conceit was first hiero
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the cartilages will be sufficient tracheotomy is first performed and a Halm s
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use of hypodermic medication that is to delay it until mechanical means
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situation. During the process of softening and extrusion there is no
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It is not contagious unless neglected until it assumes the epizootic form
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To measure the amount of torsion the eyes are capable of
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one of the worst frequently resulting in a physical
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has taken place and for this reason a fund has been started
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treatment. The differences of function between the upper and lower
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whole hemisphere but also of extensive bilateral disi ase which throughout
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sjTnptoms of hydropsy and mummification of the fetus are
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officials each entrusted with definite duties confined to their indi
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injuries of all kinds be they great or small. Your work is
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cated gland or of adrenalin or by the injection of adrenalin solutions
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The additional grant to the Board ot Education for schools
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and nitrate of silver serve a useful purpose in certain
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that it was possible for a Branch of the Association to
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along the borders of the lips which erupt forming brownish
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self The vesicles are surrounded by a superficial and
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marks of the reader explaining and connecting the passages. Last Sun
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very puzzling and cannot be explained at present. An English
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bottom. We were aware from the beginning that his case was hopeless. In