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and a tenaculum is applied to the right tonsil and locked. Still holding
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were in possession of private or secret remedies which were superior
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started by the coughing. The fetid expectoration is apt to be swil
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indiscriminately. Undue familiarity detracts not a little from the influ
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rules were sometimes transgressed on during the deliberations
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of potassium permanganate of which half a pint may be left behind
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keep the patient s temperature downi by sponge baiths and tlie
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In sheep and goats it is sometimes even sufficient to use a splint
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various causes induces aufemia and atrophy of the mucous membrane par
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system. When the infarction is due to infected emboli abscess
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For those desirous of obtaining material for lectures
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description of the l yden Mu.seum of Anatomy 179U 1835.
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Tron G. L encefalite letargica nei suoi rapporti colle infezioni miste.
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carried out. The examination is made as follows The patient must be
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tibia apart. After the failure of other methods union was finally
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This case I believe to be one of the most unusual of the
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structure. This affords suflBcient patency to the orifice and at the
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neck is often absent while in epidemic meningitis it is almost invariably
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ject which is daily brought to him. The additions of this third
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office of president elect. I hope that I ll be able
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them and are lixed to the posterior abdominal wall they are usually made
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sieur et a Madame d autant plus qu elles sont des manjues
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Professor of Diseases of Children College of Homeopathic Medicine and
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limitation of our thoughts to the conditions of the moment
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its appearance upon the neck and chest. The incubation period is shorter
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ment are the relief of pain the softening of the obstruction and
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furthered by Osier s evenings with his students at his home and Ik
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defect in the development of this tissue. The epithelium of the air cells
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mark thus made to the tip of the finger is the conjugata
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it is objected that the small doses of iodine exhibited at Geneva are
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demonstrable by the tuberculin test tubercle bacilli were found
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British Medical Association establish and maintain under
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the swelling among the intestines and its accumulation in one
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Afthb the Acute Forms of Malarial Fever are checked by quinine
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dyspnoea is felt on exertion a paroxysmal cough most marked in the
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and company organiaations should be urged not only to allow
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crystals acquire a dark blue color. Its formula is NCw H21 Os.
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in epilepsy is secondary to abnormal conditions in the
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that their real nature cannot be ascertained by a perusal
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Ratzel whose recent loss we lament inclined decidedly to the
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methods. The causative agents of most of the infective diseases
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Relapse. Three patients were studied during relapses. They
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for three or four days and slowly subsided. The local reaction
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inoculation as it were of the lt Tcbrospinal fluid with wide dissemination