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spells. It was limited to the front part of the head

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of numbness or tingling in the part affected. The spasm extends and may

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loss of blood. The feature which struck me as most peculiar was the

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catarrh. The inflation of other vapours into the tympanum has been

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have been exposed to radiation during the occupation of Hiroshima

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with some aromatic water or in the form of the extract prepared

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bold 1860a 22 in Conger vulgaris. Dies. 1850a 342 371 372 includes

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they would draw. It seems rash to say for example that

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ject. Stewart reports two cases very fully in which

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aerated solution of the substance is perfused through the sur

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possible defects disclosed by a subsequent medical examination the

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whether the sensory or motor symptoms determined the

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the pain of cauterization I drop a few acid crystals

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The most important channel of foreign influence is that of edu

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the affection should keep away but strict isolation is not so necessary as

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resurrected and published by the physician botanist Andreas

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and at the depth of 3 inches touches bare bone. The diseased knee

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actual blisters are present but where the skin in parts

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may collect beneath the diaphragm about the anterior

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sions or maniacal excitement. The relative frequency of eclarapsia in

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re formation of pus or persistence or immediate return of a high degree

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strains of meningococcus present during a recent out

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Medical Board of the Bronx Hospital and Dispensary

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of diabetes simply by the presence of sugar in the urine that there

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bodied in his report some very interesting facts in regard

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nancy. A four year old Belgian mare was covered by a stal

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upper part is attacked by it. The circumstance that the presence of

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nervous organs to be perfectly healthy we should be led to conclude

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tically settled but certain minor details in operative

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to one metre the observed eye is therefore myopic and

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hours daily and the treatment of a case of moderate severity

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in various parts of the United States and flowering in June and July.

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extremely easy and simple and does not take more than two or three

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The upper layer of a fresh fibrinous membrane is usually almost

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lem of the utility of the prophylactic and curative

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man Not at all There is a mass of people who acquiesce in

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knowledge that has grown up with the development of this special

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On the strength of the condition of the animal and the presenta

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borne in mind that any dulness at the apex is highly

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in a controversy with Origen Bacheler a Presbyterian minister he had

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is regular. For instance there are certain deviations in the

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flexible or moveable are less injuriously affected.

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Properties and Uses. Stimulant diuretic antiscorbutic and rubefa

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reappeared in small numbers. At present they cannot be found in the sputum.

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be obtained by addressing the manufacturers at their principal lab

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physically by radical treatment. Concurrently with the restoration of

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cardiac dulncss again became normal and no murmur was

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i. Plant Thallophyta Hyphomycetes Mucidineae Oospo a Porrigines

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look down upon you from the wall beaming peacefully and with satis

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the blood serum failed to produce the reaction with the

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pubescent on the margins below standard about 2.5 cm. long wider

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whom had ever worn any uniform save the collar of the

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For the purposes of this discussion it will be con

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appearance which however emerges from the caudal cranial

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It is unnecessary to dwell upon the symptomatologj of

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to confer upon the warrior military honors the appoint

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Mr. Buckland present taking several impressions on tissue paper of the

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is absorbed from the intestine and it is probable that the bacilli are

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that of the right. The axillary artery was diminished

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the fingers of the other hand grasp the heel. These