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destruction rather ihan to run any risk of causing death.

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such a way as to render them available not only to physi

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and sequela3 of typhoid fever in some cases it also

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land. At the present time the boats are run on time

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tiform or hysteric convulsions the muscles are alternately relaxed

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calized at an apex as an important sign of incipient

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Many writers admitting the influence of the seasons assert

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passed the Professional Examination have graduated in

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upon special symptoms. After introductory pages upon

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Patients who are myopic complain chiefly of poor distant vision

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three years be returned together with the papers unopened containing the nanus

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not act conjointly binocular fixation is either diffi

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trast the bones of this large woman with those of a

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the testicles become inflamed. Such attacks of fever and inflamma

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sought but relief in their cruel sufferings. She charged Miss Beilby to give

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in all these lines progress is making and it is not unreasonable to

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green flowers rose ooloored in terminal racemes berry globose scarlet 4 5 seeded.

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curately distinguished but when five lines are drawn on a paper

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committee consisting of all the professors of Opera

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belief that these conditions were frequently the occasion of sud

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majority of the diseases of these organs are slightly adverted to or

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hours. He states that the appearance of larvae in the pleural

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the dyspnoea was but little relieved. The apex beat returned

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Two hundred newly emerged Siomoxijs were fed upon an Arab

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of the obtrusive and the unimpressive. The field is quite likely to

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worthy citizens. But whatever one may think of the religion or the

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Normal urine remains yellowish and its froth whitish

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when present. Change to a warmer climate in winter is an advantage.

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tance of twelve miles up the Balimba river has a far

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and tumors in the flefh it adwageth the hard fwellings

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gerous complications of chronic angiocholitis hepatic ab

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time before going down. After falling there are convulsive move

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of the aggregate population within the Registration States was in 1900

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Diagnosis. To confirm the diagnosis the animal is placed on its

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recent lymph small intestine normal colon as in specimen.

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his name for. 25 towards expenses and it has been resolved to make

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it might on grounds of analogy to be readily perceived on studying

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arthritidis commonly occur as subclimcal infections in which cultural isolation is

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one per cent. the isthmus exists as an independent lobe.

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muscular effort claiming that he has observed entasis to occur

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Take jelly of ftarch four ounces linfeed oil half an

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plete security against either giving or receiving in

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tice. The military physician should not forget them

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teacher that Osier dedicated his Principles of Medicine to him Joseph

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primary disorder of metabolism we must protect against

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method of counting platelets we pointed out Medical Science 1920 2 583

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In view of the fact that pneumonia is one of the commonest and

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term. I am fully convinced that its wide dissemination in the synop

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expense of a confinement. In view of their receipt of

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The best surgeon is one that has been hacked himself.

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by K. W. The Relation of Diseases of the Mouth to Rheumatism

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