nutrition and its contents. In ordinary cases however the vessels and

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bj Dr. Bernheim which seem to make for greater effi

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with the tubercle of the septum which consists of a thickening

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when the symptoms are already so numerous as immediately to suggest

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Practical Uranalysis and Urinary Diagnosis. A Manual for the Use of Physici

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time to time by a change in its nutrient media as in the

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is no danger of constitutional effects from the application

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units. A disadvantage may lie in the fact that both casualty clearing

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Cordell E.F. University of Maryland 1807 1907 Its His

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stage. He thinks that large doses of opium should not

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This species of turtle is found exclusively in salt

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hospital was veiy good. We had the good fortune of witnessing some

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side with her brother exercising under the same supervision and

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in Oreodon and its folia are apparently arranged in the form of

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class and have further pointed out what class of case does

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from the ceiling wall bracket or movable scaffold and presents

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palatable as the best butter and certainly far superior to the greater

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Tlie French letter was the most efficacious douching and

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regard to the physique of the visitors it is stated as a

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esis thought that some observations by leucocytes. The leucocytes ingested

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doctor naturally applied his mind to were the blanks which

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pathology. A great deal of laboratory work will be done and gen

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ment of the disease since courage and faith are the principal

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Mr. Whiting goes on to say the surgeon must have as

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the large enemata these should be given at a low pressure slowlv.

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of the fetus hypertrophy during pregnancy very much

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porance excepting by such persons as unfortunately have

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Moreover much as the pain and the great inaptitude for

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It will be more difficult to secure these qualities in America than

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certain conditions. As this tenet gained ground scholastic antX

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stronger. Bourke quoting The Arctic Searching Expe

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in the skin and the entrance of the bacilli in pulmonary plague

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Anatomy and Instructor in Surgery College of Physicians

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present importance of this subject in anticipation of

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microtome and staining. In such histological sections he could

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milk eggs and cheese whereas old people if they want to

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and the emotional by variabiUty of mood and too great and improper

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was not yet ripe for.such universal investigation tliough

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be too thankful for this peaceful service rendered by the army but

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the disease by separate observations as yet very few in number.

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Isolated pages in the writings of Gregory imply experience in surgical

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Salicylic Acid whilst they diminish the amount of the urea

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American Expeditionary Forces as a whole was based.

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though still of elegant appearance cleanlimbed and active. It is assorted I

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duced from ihe middle of the valves many seeded. Erect or prostrate

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primary cases the unilateral involvement the anomalous character of the

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Since this mode of communication between the cavity of the cranium and

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not be made to pass the cricoid cartilage. After the

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muscles ext cnsively torn and extruded. We have seen it

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then become diseased it rarely does so in the second third

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infecticMi and is moreover a valuable prophylactic in that it rapidly cleans

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Two roentgenographic examinations were made of the trunk.

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If the method of expression grams per 100 ccs. were

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bulk Warlomont patented a method in 1883 and there are

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cation with other lesions Ac all these should have the first consideration.

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with disease of the pituitary body usually however its cause has remained

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growth means much waste the waste of the rapid pregnancy changes in the

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est grade of efficiency in military hygiene medicine

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segmental boundaries is not looked for from data furnished

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the arm across the chest while taking the pulse and then without

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tions of foot and mouth disease or gangrenous coryza.

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Relative proficiency of student candidates Army Medical School session 1912 lS.

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under local anesthesia induced by ethyl chlorid. From

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of the skin will ordinarily be a sufficient accurate test if deter

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When the tongue is epitheliated or irritable and there is nau

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number of its members are elected by the medical pro

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soil. One or two pounds are first treated with boiling water and

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made in bone osteoblasts are sent out from the bony walls or

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tion treatment expresses a sensation of being tired do

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bemangioendotbeliosarcoma and seen characteristically in the liver

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was one of them before he took his present position and there is

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The highest number of injections I succeeded in giving to a single patient