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Strangers arriving in Santo Domingo are apt to think that little

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greater the intensity and gravity of the resulting lesions.

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to the breast places his fore feet against the inflamed gland and pulls

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pyrogallic acid ointment so as to delay healing. The

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gauze and cannula in position. The skin was separately sutured.

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of the cases occurred between the ages of twenty and thirty years.

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the festive banquet given on such bridal occasions. Sir William Jenner

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employed Schleich.s infiltration anesthesia as a preliminary measme.

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with G. Klemperer ulcerative endocarditis developed in

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medical education class rooms have been converted into laboratories

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The Duke of Devonshire has placed the whole of the

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declarations made before the Reichstag published in

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joking way to ask her who was the author of her unborn child.

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bovine and human tuberculosis with a view to discover the

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considerably hampered by their superstitious and suspicious natures

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instituted with good results. Ochsner Chicago has adopted

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The period marked by the first seventy five years of the nineteenth

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with the almost invariable syphilitic antecedents of that disease Strumpell s

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internal pressm e. The same remarks apply to the renal

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a. CANADA. This British colony of North America is divided by the

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Medical Topography Meteorology Endemics and Epidemics

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in Ihe Midland and Southern counties this is generallj effected daily

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TNTENSELY CLINICAL IN VALUE. Much new material will be

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that sweeping denunciations as to the inefficiency of our laws.

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ground. Also mix with the discharges from the stomach and bowels as soon

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to the utility or injuriousness of sexual intercourse during preg

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losis Christmas Seal funds. A splendid way to raise funds is to have

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trip of the season on July 8th. It started down the bay

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of scarlet fever identification of the causal microorganism

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as to the site of the lesion Under what circumstances would operative surgical

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was the true source of haemorrhage diagnosed before operation.

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consisted of the following persons Professor Leander Miller Hoskins

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neurotic disturbances occur which predispose the bladder to

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tropical waters and to modify existing standards of bacterial impurity.

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quadrant where he complained of much tenderness. There had been no

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