Some epileptics can be cured. In most epileptics the frequency of the
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woman had a spot on the cheek when young and eighteen years
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favour of the insertion of the radium into the growth the procedure
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There have been but three other occasions on which women
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patients. My opinion is that by the adoption of the plan
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this should be sent to lord mayors and mayors urging them
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the medulla which reflexly stimulate the motor cells giv
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Treatment. Gastrotomy should not be performed unless the operator
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ease occasionally encountered in which the lesions are larger but of the
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to extremis by frequent alvine discharges have the number of stools quickly
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Jicial canal should be established in the obstructing
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ton Board of Health. Since that time New York Phila
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for tuberculins to be prepared from the patients themselves
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trimmer s twine or a piece of white wrapping twine. Put a stitch
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which possesses certain objects that once belonged to
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is important. In intestinal injuries it often locates
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cast great discredit upon really useful combinations.
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II. Cherry and other fruit trees also greatly accept this renovator and if
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ready been described are present pain in the renal region recurring chills
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the stricture and turn off the current gradually to zero be
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cauterize the whole surface of the sore being care
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As can be seen from Table 6 among sixty five cases of active
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y. MONTPELLIER. The reputation which this city formerly enjoyed as a
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may be propped up in bed and allowed to read. If the
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lence of the infection but increases with the recovery of the
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cases. Sau v ag es conceives that an effluvium pro
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Only a little more than a page of the 183 pages that
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divides itself into i what may be accomplished by the attending phy
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lus in an epidemic does not demonstrate that the dis
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drawn from life. While the plot might have been deeper and the incidents
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diately but did not interrupt the patient. He continued.
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tained by E eitz and by Oertel 1. c has been demonstrated by
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The removal of the obstruction of the pectoral mus
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axilla. He also exhibited the tubes and ovaries re
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epileptic change but are co ordinate with the latter that is to
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tion of this miracle Why said the convalescent I was consumed with
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field of language a hypothesis which was very favorably
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minor place in the curriculum of colleges but still
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serious. Governor Ralston called the entire militia of the State to the
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Dr. Norman McKie was associated very intimately with
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