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All were voted on and admitted under suspension of the

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lono distances over sea the relation of the Medical Department to all

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tally weak muscles pressure and toxic neuritides prophylactic measures

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The general coucUisious seem to be that tlie beef extract useil

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table homes or tuberculosis sanatoria aside from the Pennsylvania

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of preventing the calculation of accurate case mortality rates per

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medicinal plants. Concerning the last named plant Berdoe

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Treatment of Puerperal Infection Dr. George H. Noble

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cicatrization of the torn structures and complete recovery

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she was subject to convulsions but at twenty months had improved and at

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been advifed to drink a bottle of fpirits to curehi i

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perineal body and opinions have varied from the elaborate theory

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merely pleasing and meaningless dispositions of form or color as

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stirring. Used in the form of enema generally for the purpose k

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ture caused marked decrease. Though no syphilitic history

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gangrene which has been published but also contains a mass of original

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Spooner the able English veterinary writer remarks upon the rarity of

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solved in normal saline solution of a temperature of 70 de

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with a little increase of mucus may be observed to which succeed

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of error mentioned. To effect this it is only necessary to com

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canals. Ferrier suirgeats that the cerebellum is the place where the eyes and

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Thus far I have endeavored to show the kind of subjects

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the characteristics of a young biliary calculus having a

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United States. It is one of the best known poisonous plants. Stock are

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led to the forward growth of tracts from the lower reflex centers

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questions. During the last three or four weeks I have seen

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fome totil fa tJjat tt batbt e tjertue ziRuibarbe but 3 Ijauc

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very frequent are still common enough to he serious menaces

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segmental boundaries is not looked for from data furnished

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the Senate but was not reported from commiuee in the

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pins were left projecting from the wound. Some suppuration took

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value of exercise in the diagnosis and the determination of the fltness

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than in the opposite direction. When loose they may

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in patches resulting in damage which Nature cannot heal.

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panye to practise and put in use suche knowledge as he

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and anxious to have relief from the persistent suppura

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the peroxide of hydrogen in diabetes or albuminuria. Speaking as a

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limited number of cases the chancre may be absent the syphilis

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more particularly in France as conditions due to the virus of lethargic

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he seen. The superficial veins are often prominent and in eases 1 have

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inferior border is separated from the upper extremity of the laminae

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CHASACTEKS. Usoally in cylindrical masses two inches in diameter with a eord

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that many of us are too timid and fear an unpleasant result.

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mation of a whitish follicle before a new coat is ap

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oedema in which the forcing of the cerebrospinal fluid under pressure into

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save the mother is to empty the uterus so that it may contract

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the fatal termination was not a matter of surprise. In

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The use of Ergot in the second stage of labour i hould be

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umbilicus and one about twice that size over each gluteal muscle.

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of placenta praevia Hiess believes that it is necessary

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Heart Pulsates in its natural situation but its sounds are heard over a

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facts which have been gathered by numerous experiments that

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and art of medicine and surgery. Certainly such argument is

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and would not be present when their divisions were welcomed home. They therefore

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former there would be the sensation of constriction and colicky pain in

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crowded c amp bin are likely to be further strained

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by Dr. Gilbert Scott show iug the use of collargol in

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pale complexion bright and intelligent its head measuring 23 inches in

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Br. Alfred Carpenter s report of the post mortem of one of the

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Dodson we love thee Thy imperfections if any we have long

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of the same subject is illustrated in the way that some

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rrofessor of Public Health and Bacteriology. Mauolaester.

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Sesamoid bones sometimes occur iu the tendon of the

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Anaesthesia is not infrequent following an attack of pain and the exact

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rhages in its substance. The soft meninges present no evidence of exuda

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decide as long as the application has to be made for the

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in this glucose medium. This is far superior to saline

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difficulty in the interpretation and correlation of results.

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scrofulous diathesis thereby generated in the chil

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and Gynecological Association Professor of Clinical Gynecology

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troft vnd ergezung andacbtiger Pfotengrammifcber perfonen oder Hand

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patients the symptoms followed directly after the injury

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