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through the organ glomerular structures composed I dilated
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rise higher than 2000 feet above the lerel of its germi
cate he was satisfied that the person in question wa3
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appendix and the patient made a good recovery. The X Ray
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terizes all Mr. Dobell s work and students of the subject
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The class was divided into three groups the first received
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The Chicago Department of Health has inaugurated house
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and Africa. When the disease becomes epizootic it causes
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toms. I ossibly M hen in large nundjcrs they may e.xcite inllammation of
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most common affections met with in surgery and is gen
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symptoms may be very similar but the greater gravity of the disease is
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infirmities tbat are of poBfen clneflg tuber tbere are pjicfc
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the corresponding rates for the preceding year and 1 179.93 5.28
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while there was great enlargement of the lower part
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Specimens and literature free. Laboratoire dei Produitt Scientia 10 rue Fromentin Parli.
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years ago he entrusted Dr. Burnet with the arrangement of the facts
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Their people stay even more closely in their neighborhoods than the people
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only granular and hyaline. In 7 cases the urine showed both albu
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tervention. In cases of arteriosclerosis with a fair condi
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slowly and insidiously and the pulmonary symptoms are so quietly and
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spreading very deeply pinnatifid leaflets in from two to four pairs
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oftener to the minute the respiration is proportionally
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tumours in man the result would not give us certain know
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Semiannual and nonstandard requisitions are filled as rapidly as
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probable. When the swelling embraces the base and extends more
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Externally. The salts of Zinc closely resemble in their
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relieved by the establishment of collateral dilatation such as
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order to obtain the adoption of a universal rate all
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intense icterus. The urine in every case contains some pigment and
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In accepting the chancellorship and withdrawing from the im
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ing recent years total extirpation has been more frequently practised than
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Let us examine now iMayet s table with regard to this
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of the tissue. In the deeper layers near the basal connective tissue
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ground and moreover we learn that in 1482 just before
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that where influenza and pneumonia are both stated death
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size covered with white crusts. It is a chronic dermatosis
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practice of Boston. Warren was very able but unlike many
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disposal the diet as well as the evidence of the occurrence of contact
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does not offer an argument against the identity of the parasite. It
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father of one child three years of age presented him
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the greatest caution and the practitioner should know his patient well
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tent are in the best physical condition and whether
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guest of honor and delivered an interesting address
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solved in normal saline solution of a temperature of 70 de
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the joints lessened. Here the attack in many instances may be
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believe that wizards can while a man is asleep remove
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Among congenital dislocations those of the hips are most common in
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Wash the parts with a decoction of oak bark and poultice
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placement of the diaphragm and the oblique diameters by the ribs
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the urinary secretion without stimulating the kidneys it overcomes the
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appeals made to race hatred and raob sentiment by mad mon
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This interpreted in accordance with the doctrine of evolu
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in the student s breast as those new recitation rooms The instructors come
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as to the recent appointment of an untrained nurse to take
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has adopted the fixed rules of the Civil Law enunciated in the
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stripe very narrow vertex dark with some green reflections
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Pain. Sudden and severe pain in the back is usually the first and
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depth and frequency of breathing. Similar provisions are at
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successfully antagonize the causative agent rurulcnt infiltra
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not rare that many of the septicemias and the strep
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effect of the acid administered under the arying condition. While
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Dora Kranz for gangrene in the left foot was tried on
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salicylic acid in honej or molasses to be frequently smeared on
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appearing in foreign journals and even some of the American
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Anatomy. The walls of the oesophagus are so distensible that the
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also and the adjacent base of the precentral gyrus with the lingual
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pus and from the exhaustion which attends a prolonged and abundant
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had assumed and its color. He therefore hastened to the hos
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of rational therapeutics will be readily conceived.
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given him full opportunitv to examine the books and
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associated with a known organic lesion. This triad renal lesion
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intestinal bacilli. Its whole lifc historv may be completed from
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to be feared that the malady ba tendnated in caseous inSltratkni ami
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into the consideration of this form of salpingitis.
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and 83 per cent of all reported cases were in children under five
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Hospital San Francisco Calif. and was mobilized at Camp Fremont Calif.
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quite possible for the mind of the pregnant woman to be influ
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the skin peculiar to pregnancy. 8vo. iN ew 1 orK i
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exhilaration of spirits it wakens up and increases the work
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of fully trained nurses for all the wounded who are likely
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As facility in reading is acquired legibility is increased
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been removed from them by evaporation and probably in some measure
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exempt althouofh he described a puerperal form coming on seven or eight
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and one of intermediate size between the two. As far as they can
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converted into granulations or connective tissue it is ofh n found at autopsy
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escaped and the globe collapsed. Eighteen months having passed away
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