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cases were treated last year and it is too early to

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engravings old surgical instruments medals etc. Tho

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quarantined and put into warm rooms with often the same faulty

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der Kurve wtirde man laut Triepel nocb einen leicbtgekrumm

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light heartedness was eagerly sought and practiced. Games productive of

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physiological fatty infiltration. If fat were deposited in

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hoped that without exercise the disease can ever be brought to

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in the construction of murderous fire arms humanity might

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less extent diseased. Since foci of in into the other.

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said I will begin by rendering my subjects rich and then I

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surgical portion of the examinations imposed by that

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greater resemblance to the legal than to the real father an observation that

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The foregoing list maj be increased by the addition of pilocar

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the three magnitudes mentioned in the enunciation acceleration force

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G i sst s. Th rtY hve returns 28 used glasses 7 did

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salpingitis etc. but practically the diagnosis is not

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benefit and to hold them covered against all risks those

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mission. On physical examination she showed good muscular

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extremity of the radius is increased in size the junction of the diaphysis

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in that case afifecting certain nerve centres because

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sustaining with an unfaltering and generous hand the work of san

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military service I was requested to take charge of the

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Inric inSuences exist Is now almost nniversaUy admitted. Although

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Schlossberger and Dcepping in a recent and elaborate analysis have

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Tlie Administration of Calomel and Iodide of Potassium at the

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work admirably surpassing even the most sanguine expectations

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Sir The Archives of Medicine in a very complimentary

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on Tuesday last has brought sorrow to many a famil3 for

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of roots are erroneously gathered after the flowering period and conse

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glass globes of distinctive colours beads of caustic potash and small

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the evening when one of them gave way it was however easily repaired.

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ticant. Simultaneous observations upon the polynuclear

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the hands. If gloves are not worn in ojie rating upon clean

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an ideal inquiry for its own sake or for the solitary pleasure of

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tbe Board of Health had refused to approve tbe account. The

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fibrous parietes of the cells as in the case of all

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that most sacrifice and self denial is demanded of parents

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excites the principal functions of that system. It is therefore conceiva

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The fat does not become visible in the Jiealthy heart muscle

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tice and police reports abound with accounts of suicides and murders

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gained by placing the end of the stethescope in close

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covery of tuberculosis is indicated by the fact that nearly

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cell division. The important point in every case is to determine if

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would seem to indicate a healthy growth a greater appreciation of

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received a letter which I might have answered last month had

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to the results actually obtained in Cambridge. Many of the tables

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In the four years of my daily experience with the x ray

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England with Bilharzia cercaria when found in the mollusc.

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tuberculosis in the ox confines itself to grape disease

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enter through the gateway of present conditions the vast domains

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afforded of the narrowing of the pulmonary artery and aorta. The

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solutions of alum and cupric sulphate are valuable instruments in this

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first and second divisions of the right fifth nerve. On December 29

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November 17th at Pagani s Restaurant the President

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cope. Death usually between third and seventh days.

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completion of their basic training at the medical department service

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from those of rheumatic origin and until further evidence is adduceable

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men for having lived in close contact with him. In the

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ganda was carried on by unfriendly newspapers. Charges to

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summit farther down caves and stUl farther stratified rock of

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The State s influence over the local health department in many in

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constipation. During the previous year she developed symptoms

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larly arranged in two rows. The cones or strobiles are oval of few

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There can be little doubt that many of the sick benefited

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The TREATMENT must be in the first place constitutional by tonics

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acute Contagious Conjunctivitis is caused by the Koch

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tation tremor weight loss easy fatigue ized patients have an uneventful conva

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in the state. This doubtful and uncertain condition has been due

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excited by the irritating presence of the neoplasm are

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The heart was not enlarged. The pulse was 78. There was a soft

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reflex act. The high temperature stimulates sensory

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The disadvantage of convection heating as with hot water

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Anatomy and Instructor in Surgery College of Physicians

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antitoxins. Coming next to vertebrates no power of producing antitoxin gt

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rate of flow in inspiration and expiration ordinary and

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the figures given by Busch and Moser. Multigravida abort more often

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hospital. The number of in patients averages 3 000 aud

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To this question I think we may safely answer no. It is well

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tion was made prior to the seventh day of the disease.

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common in the parenchymatous form where the gland en

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October 1895 which ended fatally the thymus gland was found to be

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ever varying functions The field in public health work is the place

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grinding has been of much service in preventing the dangers

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styptics digital compression torsion or even the ligature. He

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however there must be unification of preciable burden to the tax payer. We

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Cancer of the Larynx July 1922. Tenth International Congress of Otology

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explore the deeper parts of the pharAnx the retro nasal space to say

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rather to cases in which the extent of vein involved is small and

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tiform or hysteric convulsions the muscles are alternately relaxed

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described is most useful in slight cases but in severe ones it will

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increased. This continued straui upon the nervoias system produced epileptic