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My own experience I must confess has not been entirely free

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The patient aged 65 was scut to me by Dr. Percy Elliott

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Infection gradually extends from the bladder to the ureters and kidneys.

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that it will always depend for its complete interpretation on a study

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When the disease has been neglected or a sufficient quantity of mer

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insufficiency. That such clots may act as baTl valves and

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gations. A resume of these two papers is published in the Public

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emptying of the stomach often seen in peruicious anaemia

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All that can be done in the presence of the progressive blood destruction

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of the condition. The group of muscles constituting what is popularly

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aemia produced by blistering is greater than of ionization

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same extent as chloroform. Eveutualiy ether kills partly by

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gularly up to 50 per cent at fifteen years and from that

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similar treatment. Thus in a dilution of 1 in 5 in normal

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be regarded as the centre of nervous energy or of psychic activity as

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patients seen in the early stage of the disease in whom thyroid

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the diastolic period is lengthened therefore more blood

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are found in the urine of patients having fatty degeneration of the

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The registration of students in the Law School was 86 of whom 26

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months of previous residence in the country so that much

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show that autolysis of the lyniphoid tissue of the appendix

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occur more especially in pelvis and legs resulting from the

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great oedema of the palatine arch. The uvula usually markedly

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associated with and made possible by either traumatic injury or the co operation

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piece removed for microscopic examination. Very co

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acre in area constructed for the Chelsea Company of London in

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preciable temperature of the liniD exhibited the following variations

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in which the veins had not been excised there was a recurrence

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As to the operation itself he preferred the more open

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Dr. Martin of Montreal the local secretary. Information can be obtained

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difficulty in swallowing and in articulation are the principal phenomena

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remedy in the treatment of this disease I should assuredly choose brandy.

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pendent on luxurious habits as regards diet amp e.

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machine. We have been using the actual cautery electrical knife electro

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son of New York and others. length of brass pipe large enough in

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case where the condition had apparently cleared there were abso

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Forensic medicine than in California whether we consider the various races

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thought that external disfigurement should not influence treatment in so

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the venous blood seemed to have been prevented merely from decreasing.

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found very useful in all febrile diseases especially during their earlier

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its appearance upon the neck and chest. The incubation period is shorter