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part of the observed motion is parallactic that is due to the solar

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lobe is a circumscribed patch of fibroid material with radiating processes

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The results obtained are indicated in the following table which

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At this epoch Gergonne was brilliantly editing a periodical which

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This study lies largely within the field of the autonomic nervous system a

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of mydriasis with paralysis of the ciliary muscles

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Natal Medical Council and the reply to which I will let you

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qualifications to be registered under the principal Act

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May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you

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to be eaten as a sweetmeat without further preparation.

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is a cyst of considerable size under the right labium

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think if this was that kind of a kitchen I would run

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all probability the sac of the tumour before it began to suppurate. This

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demands evacuation of the bowels and it may be even a

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the indications of treatment from a careful inquiry into the causes

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in surface wounds epithelization is usually rapid and complete.

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published many excellent tracts against the African trade

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but general use of tbe same drug produced a rapid amelioration

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to controvert the works of God or question the justice of his

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periodic headache is unilateral and often associated with

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that it was possible for a Branch of the Association to

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The social habits of the people must largely determine its incidence but

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of attacking the disease in the not distant future.

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children the youngest being W. J. Oliver who was the only

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