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mosquitos of the genus Jantlmiosoma. A female of Cuterebra cuniculi
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noticed loss of weight amounting to about 20 pounds which he
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upon the health of animals. I am satisfied that upon further inquiry
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published in Washington Medical Annals 1907 Voliune VI page 244. Specimens
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place on Friday last was marked by circumstances of a peculiar nature.
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rales are heard otherwise the vesicular murmur is weakened.
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tissues are unable to utilize and oxidize the glucose or
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It is only necessary to add that Indian medical officers will do great
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A New Serum Syringe. A month or two ago we received
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lamine is dangerous only in possibly bringing about an interference
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Now the gums are set with ivories devised for the purpose of breaking
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commonly used antiseptics for dlressing and irrigations. Dakin s
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pour les autres princes qui viendront apres l. Je souhaite
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and classification of patients discharged from hospital 935
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Cystitis which is liable to be confounded with urethritis may be
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medicines regularly. He drank also broth and water ate some calves feet
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processes found in a series of fifty seven necropsies
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so long as the lipoid content in the blood remains elevated.
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demned it is rather a saving element in the physician s
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affirms that it pursues the soft parasites on its host principally the
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bacillus was found in 137 cases and was absent from
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tinating 01 clumping bacteria. These substances are present in
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third class 12 contracted the prevailing respiratory infection
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will report in person to the commanding general Philip
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to our medical school our profession or to us as individuals.
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tures at the Eoyal College of Physicians give an approximate estimate of
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lung abscess it is of first rate importance. We havt