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symptoms are progressive and water is now essential to
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was a valuable hoemostatic. In a great many instances it was
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officer found that conditions required such changes he consulted the chief
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remainder of its course to the point of exit mentioned. The
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the attack the reddened portions of the face become gradually
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view. If the relative importance of a disease is determined by
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be taken with the meals in quantities of one to four
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mentally on animals with this substance discuss the possibility of the effects
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altogether prevent a cure of the disease. Pain to be relieved by
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other persona and restrained from leaving the institution.
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of these cases die within three years after the occurrence of retinal
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the trachea or bronchi may show Pfeiffer s bacillus in small number
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intellectual activity and unimpaired freshness of outlook whilst the lament
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the best cleansing medicine ever discovered. It makes a
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exacerbation and evening fall. This has occurred in 50 per cent of my
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for their devotion to science that an attempt to assign pre eminence
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greater number of the witnesses disclaimed any knowl
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Fifth District Branch will hold its third annual meet
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t a rate higher than normal with or without conspicuous summation auricular
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to another question he pointed out that nystagmus could
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atropine or vagal section does not affect it. Such an effect if it
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Conjunctivitis with profuse lacrimosis may be present. The
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endeavour to promote the candidature of suitable persons who
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done in this way by the anti consumption league. Illustrations could be
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is distinguished from similar conditions by the pre
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meant to apply to those cases in which the fibroids did not
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peared over the body early in the disease. It occurred in patches
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laboratory was found to contaia available chlorine in concentrations
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emetic is to be taken once and repeated only in case
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the fruit edible. Malaya and Polynesia cultivated and wild exceedingly variable.
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vary with the skill of the surgeon in applying the plaster.
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Shoes such as all of us have worn and many of us still
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is in fact at the present time a Public Health Service.
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The patient was under observation for a few days and
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either half of the globe was a complete cornea through
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of the treatment if the patient complains of the effects of the arsenic.
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tempted to believe that some direct communication may exist between the
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He did not however recognize them as anatomic entities but con
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becomes comatose this form generally fatal. 4. Simply turns suddenly
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tistics. Its value was shown by Foumier and Erb in demonstrat
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the adult where the symptoms completely resemble those of in
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lesion morbid condition or functional disturbance in some part of the
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losis which justified surgical intervention. He thought that a
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gastric nerves at the opening of the jugular foramen will cause nervous
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ordinate and hence the handwriting as well as the gait become irreg
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in tho river Lee at Coik. Dr. Magner gallantly jumped
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table 2. When the callosal areas are plotted on the total brain
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d autres observations ou ce quotient a eu une valeur plus grande.
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with Castile or glycerine soap. The skin is afterwards dressed with a
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temperature of the sick room should be kept night and day at
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with a black mineral pulverulent substance brought from a neighboring
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Thus infection from the skin is prevented by cleanliness. The
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with preexisting ulcer and in 10 or 46 per cent. the liver was
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astringent and less bitter. It has been found useful in dyspepsia and
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The tissue from different parts is to be very carefully studied
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indurated and sometimes nodular. The distinguishing features of these
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be appreciated for the abundance of its contents. Few
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to supply temperatures comparable with those of the photosphere
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acknowledged value and increasing reputation of Nelaton s op
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inroad of the barbarians to the seventeenth or even the eighteenth
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restaurants have irregular moral relations. In one such
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of pressure necessary to arrest respiration was somewhat dependent
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Examiners has not yet completed its markings on papers filed in
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use of any offers tlie Association transmitted to him in
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Fort Bayard will report to the commanding officer of that hospital
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vous Boston Mass. and ordered to the Naval Dispensary Wash
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monia the infection appeared to extend along the peribronchial and perivascular
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cannot pass distalward from anatomical fixation. T c trans
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and burning of the skin combined with its glossy appearance render
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him by Michael Dahl a painter of great celebrity which was left to
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of model houses at tlopedale Mass. and Willlmantlo
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strength impaired the intestinal lesions are aggra
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attempt to systematize treatment. It contains p. 795 the well
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as early symptoms appear. From Law s Veterinary Medicine
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It appears indeed from numerous passages of the Philosophic
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tions of powdt is gargles and so forth are mentioned and
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other seed lives in her fascia waiting to be vitalized by the male
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larger doses of mercury and potassium iodid can be given
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nomenally successful paper and in the latter part of 1882 went to
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and very slight elevation in temperature in whom post mortem the con
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FROM the very earliest times epilepsy has been looked
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then behind follows the posterior ventricular groove towards
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fourth inches and not less than two and three fourths
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the editor s study Bowdoin street for that purpose. Hereafter further