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The liver dullness was apparently normal. The pulse
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keynote of the pathology and explained not only the wet bloody soggy lung
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exponents of the medical sciences. These various societies listed
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types are ignored by social psychology I should like to know what
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adopts this principle the maximal pulsation according to Hill indicates
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ally during sleep the patient starting up with an alarming sense of
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M ard sensation of tlie tone or sound uttered which con
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had been a keen contest between him and his class fellow
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a sensory nerve increases the action of the vaso motor
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physicians of the likelihood of his contracting tuber
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paralysis of bowels death. These symptoms are not due to the
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Ferguson of this Bureau from whose paper the above information is
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does not always possess the full virulence see Atypical Forms of Diph
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The new education must reach the farmer in terms of the whole
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itary cattle having any tendency to it should not be
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Treatment. In a slight congestion at the seat of a recent
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Pregnancy following insufflation occurred in 75 of my last series of
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chronic cases of nephritis united by the common symp
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Mr. Bohart was also associated with Professor Mitchell in the study of
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The loss of muscular sense is in some cases so marked
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solution. The difficulties in making such observations under the
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was retroversion of the uterus with tendency to prolapse
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Avenue Chicago. He has been appointed surgeon to the United
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far as we are aware no such instructions have been issued.
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completion of their basic training at the medical department service
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the larvae from continuing their journey with the circulating
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more numerous if the path is short and the rate of propagation
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of sickness and also no doubt times of healing. But
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The idea of employing hot fomentations in cases of this description was
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hospital there was ascites from pressure the treatment then in
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these records of science and history has been shown
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fluence of chloroform and ether on the temperature.
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swollen and there would be a swelling beneath the jaw. This
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lers or lowest furcations next the head which Aristotle
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with an odor or other evidence of the abuse of alcohol and tobacco.
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unbroken development and its causes exist in the living organism
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febrinous deposit with most satisfactory results. Another field of
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chinae the larva of which after becoming full grown builds its pu
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Pupils. The pupils during the apoplectic attack are usually equal and
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and the result was that there was a perceptible effect in
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cases it contains albumen. Bile pigment is present in the urine
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of the afferent fibres of the combined vagoglossopharyngeal nerve Kolliker
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Use cold applications during the first 24 hours. Give a quick acting
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muscles. All their muscles are strong. Broken arches are found in soft
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be deposited on the food. Cases of intestinal myiasis by flies of this
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prove them all wrong. The more important antipyretics are quinine anti j
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aggravation the dullness may merge into stupor the mucosae be
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were not presented to him in similar graphic fashion in his
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and profiting by the experience of his predecessors
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growths and their relation to high palates cannot fail
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and some of them will be in attendance every afternoon
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possession of the name of a person is equivalent to getting
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ence. lu many of the cases of artificial induction of the menopause
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Anaesthetist to the Dental Department. Pharmaceutist.
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This depends upon the fact that every nephritis is toxic and depends
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