nature may he found in other regions of the respiratory tracts

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neurotic disturbances occur which predispose the bladder to

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the members have taken their share and the ronnd of 50 ia

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The latter theory can readily be dismissed or we could not explain

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the dendrites do actually imbed themselves in the walls of the

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Odorono and Mum but Nonspi Shun Hush Dew Spire Vivatone and

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hour. Professor Keith will demoustrate sjiccimens illus

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hour. tter considerable experience they recommend that

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fatal doses are administered the difference need scarcely be con

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per cent less of the theoretical heat units were absorbed by the boiler

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than to cause frequently nausea and headache in the patient and

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man has had an acute glomerulo tubular nephritis. Acute tonsilHtis

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passages besides falling into the respiratory centre also

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Collier recommends the use of injection under an anaesthetic

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followed either by no increase at all and sometimes

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great a sense of insecurity that he dare not go far from the

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and anterior roots of the nerve are usually quite healthy.

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centimeters high one about 156 and 7 are about 164 centimeters. The three

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tion of articles has been excellent and the abstracts themselves

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We can conceive an intelligence of this nature a pure intelligence

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When I examined the sources of our symptomatology and

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A further interestino and voluable study of venereal conditions in

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between them. In the choked disc the intense swelling is limited to

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for a number of years past that there is a growing tendency in

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advisable to discharge a woman as cured after two or

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service for the country and of the pharmacists to co

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much greater frequency and is found according to Beigel

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requested additional information clarification and corrections

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to extend these observations to the British West Indies.

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eration tlicse thoughts are not so obvious because in them we

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and to furnish infection for a succeeding annual epidemic.

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Some clinical features of the present pandemic of influenza as compared

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agulation method by plunging the electrode into the sub

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neous organic matter in the specimen such as pus mucus etc. In

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tunately perhaps the usual substitutes are generally considered

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cences. It is not so powerful as sulphuric or nitric acid.

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the fatal termination was not a matter of surprise. In

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producing the contamination of the swsmp described in the present

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subulate. Legume stalked linear more or less curved slightly com

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be a doubt that we may diminish its incidence and though we may

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more large blankets and so he remains well covered up for about twenty

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me in part of what WiUiam Sterling in his fife of Charles

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eess of hnmidity are especially liable to produce bronchitis. AD

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diluted was at one time much used to foul and indolent ulcerations

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Uses Exl itial. Lead acetate is ugcful in the treatment

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of the money. In time of sickness or if he commits any

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elastic pressure is necessary in order to arrest the circu

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several weeks. No fresh outbreak has occurred since the treatment

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satisfactory sleep from repeated doses of phenacetin.

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who have entered this hospital suffering with cancer of the

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Plan for the Daily Recording of Professional Visits.

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An interesting though brief reference is made to the

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purpose to point out these facts and to endeavor to cor

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of Rhinopharyngeal Tonsils by the General Practitioner.

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the remaining patients that died of these complications it

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be mentioned convulsions more or less severe and protracted pro

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Synopses indicating the range of subjects in the Examinations in Chemistry

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ance is associated with the appearance throughout the greater part cf the

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serum agglutinating the bacilli. A rabbit can be im

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persons would be constantly liable to a condition of mitral

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the belly very hard and giving exercise will often afford relief.

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rollicking child is worth all the work of the vear.

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of the National Government and the emolument of their professors

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majority of us such education of mind is absolutely essential if we

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gest any innovations that would materially disturb the present

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borough of London where arrangements had not yet been

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clicopis as the natural disseminator of the disease

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promottis expectoration in a debilitated state of the vessels of the lungs

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mococcus. He stated that the lesions caused by the different

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He reports two other cases of malaria with acute abdominal

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until his death in a house which he had bought from Captain

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youngest ly years. As showing the rarity of cases in

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The permeability of the German mask protection given by the new German respirator.

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ear while at the same time preserving the tympanic contents Ku ster

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tabes there are present so many of the distinctive character

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Simmer over the fire a few minutes strain through a fine sieve and

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Drill was given more weight during the course than any other sub

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sary to good work as the skilled mechanic is to the construction

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George s over fourteen years ago and since then she has been

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cytes per cubic millimeter reached 35 000 in the first case

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with the use of an intensifying screen or screens a pro

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