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published in Washington Medical Annals 1907 Voliune VI page 244. Specimens
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selves nearer to our brothers and nearer to our Father to whom
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report of the British Consul at Philadelphia regarding hog cholera is
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dicrotic and monocrotic pulse forms A. W. Hewlett 609
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provisions referred to should be reconsidered with a view
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This case as the preceding of Le Fort is noteworthy in many
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persistent high fever with slight remissions of severe
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val on the contrary stand in the background or are so little
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litmus at 80C. 10 Filter while hot. through well wetted thick filter
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less favorable the result is apt to be. As patients
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But the impossibility of an exact reading does not affect the real
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I am sure that the above figures are not of much value
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one inch posterior to this and half an inch inferior
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shows hysterical tendencies should be carefully reared. If
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spots of blood or semen found on the person or clothes.
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happy result and with due regard to as yet immeasurable physiologic
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Glyco Thymoline is particularly a happy choice of the
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Street also presented a very animated appearance and so liberal was
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by means of the x ray is rapidly increasing until we
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fasciculus solitarius and the surrounding grey matter the peripheral fibres
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Increased electrical excitability is another symptom ob
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two months. A few cases make apparent recovery but on
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This layer has the character of a connective tissue
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extremities. There is a class of cases in which the cause is
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Reservation near Richland Washington is in hot standby. The
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not considered in the paper. The question of relief of sterility by
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completed the studies required for entrance to this college course are ad
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should be used What pre and post operative treatment should
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that physostigmine restores the normal function of the vagus over the
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Lucilia sericata passes the winter in the larval and pupal stages
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body including the corpuscular haemoglobin are all functionally inactive and are
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tion Dr. McKeown recognises very few. A chronic conjunctivitis or