There are two groups of these glands one just lateral to the border

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may produce either irritative convulsive or paralytic phenomena from

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accompanied by fever such as vanillism of workers handling

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Memoires pour servir a I histoire de la Taculte de Medecine

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black colour with a strong peculiar odour and a bitter disagreeable

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our own detriment to extend a liberty which was not

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in an omelet as it cannot be cooked sufficiently in the short

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that some of the oldest traces are among the strong

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not be said of this test in relation to angina pecto

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methods of diagnosis. Notes are taken of tlie cases and

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may occur in high altitudes and during cool seasons.

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upon the straw. In China the process is somewhat diflferent the pieces

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hours after the ingestion of food or in the absence

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Fenwick on the condition of the stomach and intestines in scarlatina 27

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titled Two Cases of Extraction of Splinters of Iron

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upon the surface of freezing liquids he asks himself if this be

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differentiated. Of our cases 12.5 per cent diagnosed as post

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and stud specimens of blood obtained from the animals at varying

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doses and his tedious insistance on the necessity of eorre

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sufficient creosote to enable the blood to contain the above pro

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white and pale gray firm tissue to soft pink and pale creamy brown

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phous or crystalline and assumes the same stains and appears

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The hearing was good a whisper was heard equally well in

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NEPHRITIS. From Nf po the kidney terminal itis. Under this

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aqueous layer would also be colored for the reason that quinone in alkaline

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greatly by static positive insulation for fifteen min

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learned in intercourse with intelligent speaking persons by the

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and experimentally with lesions of the lateral lobe of the

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Thl L an acute infection of the lung by the pneumococcus. The portal

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Dr. Mitchell Bruce has compared the effects of these alkaloids in two

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What is the best preparation for a technical chemist I am personally

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way the author has succeeded in rendering the whole

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health the sanitary inspector or any other oflicer to inspect

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herrschen. It resulted in the knowledge that when we regard plants

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suria are on record in which an increase in the blood sugar content

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been removed from them by evaporation and probably in some measure

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disturbance of health in the female and the developing ovum escapes

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mouth and swelling of the throat subside the appetite begins to

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from one in use containing liquor pota.ssu arsenitis

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Oil of Anise applied kills lice and other parasites instantly.

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scesses especially on the extremities The first question is that concerning

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statistics gathered in various cities is based on the

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improbable that if the contractions of arteries are slow when caused

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position care should be taken that both of the horns right and

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to the system cell life throughout the organism is stimulated and health augmented.

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both cases the resistances decreased by 12 per cent. Warming the hands

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nerves normal. The anterior and posterior columns maintained their due

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ration and death in whatever way it may have origin

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