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Treatment. In mild cases the kidney should be flushed by tJrinking

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and posterior fontanelles and of the Sagittal suture.

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A case of metastatic panophthalmia of the right eye which developed

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attribute the lesions to elimination of toxins through the intestinal mucous

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Sometimes retraction of the lower part of the chest is observed during

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essential cause of the pneumonia. In some cases the influenza

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tuberculin we must endeavour to counteract the latter with the

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Hitherto the difficulties of carrying out such an operation have proved

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the peroxide of hydrogen in diabetes or albuminuria. Speaking as a

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genous extractive matter contained in various white and dark meats

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residue consisting chiefly of the silicious and fibrous coverings which

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made larger than before. A singer must use both these methods

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In all the latter cases adnexopexy was performed in

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yielded positive results in 27 cases. Since this method

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food means to prepare it for absorption into the blood.

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