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The eggs are laid in capsules or cocoons attached to somo
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ingestion of oils in itself has no decided effect on
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illness can be obtained especially scarlet fever or measles but without
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forth. Of drugs the iodides are most serviceable in the earlier stages
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celebrated for his in curing the malignant fevers of that country
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of a solution of iodine iodine 2 parts potassium iodide 10
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the greatest need of tropical medicine at the present moment
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figures that abortion follows in 17 per cent of the
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were also seen all of these readily decolorized by Gram s stain.
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the most fearful consequences of this frenzy was the persecution of the Jews.
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Act provides that the names of members of the College shall be erased
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to designate an infection that is not inheritable G gonorrheal.