better therefore to permit it to be thrown off naturally.


the pulse will be falling. This frequently occurs on the third

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complication of pneumonia and acute articular rheumatism which are

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is the inevitable fans et origo of the pathological

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to the aged. Work improves their mental condition and

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recommended to dip all recovered animals before turning

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Syrup is pre eminently a laxative and not a cathartic. Abundant clinical experience

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been published during the past several years touching upon this

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a countless host of others which it would take too long to enumerate.

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ladies who were very punctual in cleaning their teeth while from

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to raise a strong suspicion that malignant disease is present.

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Muscular System. Atrophy was the most constant finding.

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staphylococci which have caused foci of necrosis in the cells

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run by involuntary action. When they fill with air they take

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One pint of flour three tablespoons of butter three

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that he had a paralytic stroke understood the nature of his disease

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though the pulse ceased for an extended period the patient made an ultimate

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affliction the length of time it has existed and the age sex and

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The contents are thin fluid in nature. The rest of the intestinal

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is ncerc to t js 3 amp ano perpetually it oooetbtbis Uceing

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The interesting contributions made during the past decade to the

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after effect and I am only now beginning to realize what

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community life. The rural free delivery of mails takes not only the

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which are almost entirely composed of H forms i.e. they pre

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past year and yet his appetite is excellent lie has never had

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elegance till fhe begins the tune again according to the feventh of

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this separation. A few cuts now divide the soft tissues down to the

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near Newcastle mentions that there have been very few deaths among

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This depends upon the fact that every nephritis is toxic and depends

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and a hollow needle passed in tlie direction of the lateral ventricle

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drainage while salines injected per rectum subcutaneously or intra

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to the bowels and then they will cease to produce pain

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moment I think that the profession of medicine should take up

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emptying the ureter by a milking process. 3 The ure

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Cabot in 1915 wrote that only two eases in 1 200 cases of

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treatment I prohibit the use of all water except rain or

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absorbent cotton and placed at once in the ice chest.

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it float above like hghter bodies but being near in weight

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against tuberculosis says Dr. Livingston Farrand the

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the rigid narrow vessels or because a local thrombus or an em

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ance with my views on these matters Mr. Matthews has lately

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lilood is so widely disseminated among our various stocks as that of the