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The Relapsing fever of Asia is caused by S. duttoni

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sane has presented in this volume a series of studies on the curability

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This sound was first discovered by De Kergaradec in 1821

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have been reported in which parotitis has followed

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the Lesbian epoch. Clitoridism is a synonj mous term applied

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Harvey Lecture It is an important That degrees of hypoadrenia exist in

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but in which dissection showed no other lesion in the alimentary canal

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Since we spend about one third of our lives in bed

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convert the rectum and vagina into one vast opening in which the

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During a recent outbreak in Vienna of a disease resembling osteomalacia

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and it is scarcely probahle that an undetected clot would thus form

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ein mit Erfolg verwendbares Scbema zu Grunde zu legen. Icb

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spoonful in a wineglass of water half an hour before

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to ten minutes duration. Ait the end of three to four days they

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astringent and less bitter. It has been found useful in dyspepsia and

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Potain has described acute aortitis occurring in the course

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know how to handle intelligently the various nervous troubles

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typical croupous pneumonia of the right apex very considerable en

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referred to was only the last stone in a large edifice. For a

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then start over again and over again. We have been doing this

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a patient thirty four years of age who bad been de

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the effects of training appear to be to accustom the

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podermatic injections of Fowler s solution of arsenic

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sometimes atrophied. In a small number of lymphatic cases they are

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after a longer or shorter time. Third those whose vascular tone is very

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of the seventeen I have passed in India. The water supply of Delhi

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of sugar in the blood and sugar in the urine in cases

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little used and does not appear to possess any advantage

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She thought she might have had a little fever during the past few

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bearing upon the efficiency of Crede s method of removing

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with one another but as the last illustration showed they interlace

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slight lividity and signs of cardiac insufficiency venesection is indicated.

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He introduced the doctrines of the four humors humoral path

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treatment we feel that it will be of interest to all clinicians.

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cation was based on a series of 109 cases. Valvular

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cellular substance. Ten per cent solutions of potassium hydroxide at 120 ex

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radius internal to the prominence of that bone just above

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repute because of inexperienced operators attempting every pos

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Practice may have been slow at first for we find Hopkins

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as a rule the pain of gastric ulcer is felt more toward

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tympanic branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve may be traced

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forms combinations with the protein tissues. The result is disturbed

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under a heap of dirty rags showed that here lay a corpse.

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siderable discussion and after various modes of conciliation were propos

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In the discussion Doctor Morse said that one must be

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cine therapy. Its essential feature is the scientific ex

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either case whether milk or eggs is used as the basis

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