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Secondly it was found that after intravenous injections of
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take special steps to ensure the supply of antitstanic serum
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Dr. Martin of Montreal the local secretary. Information can be obtained
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In Geology There has been added one Bausch microscope for paleon
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ment Pathologist to the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital.
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Up to Dec. 5 1919 eleven cases had been discovered.
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sults. Through the courtesy of Assistant Surgeon Craig
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Los Angeles 14 miles from the coast than on the coast itself.
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WPA. The work has been calculated to remove the breeding areas of
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olfactory aune such as unaccountable smells. Disorder of the sense of
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couple of years. I will not therefore burden vou with their
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high plane of efficiency both from a diagnostic and teaching standpoint.
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tumors malarial infection dysentery leukaemia and chronic
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cerebrospinal accidents. Thus some of the patients give a history of a
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ippealing for protection against the operation of this
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quate owing to the struggles of the child the small
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the pyloric orifice which in two cases was so extreme
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same ease as the ordinary incandescent light. Less time
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bones occupy nearly one half the anterior length of the skull and
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iodine. Repeat the washing and iodine treatment daily until the horn
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obliterate up to the skin surface and the latter to become firmly and
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The cells are not arranged into true tubules in all
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representative of the genus to be found in the Philippines.
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be thinking about his command and how to promote its efficiency.
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intestinal obstruction. At tlia time Kocher had ue.e
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gest any innovations that would materially disturb the present
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completed by the Committee on Health and Medical Relief
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interests assailed the law as thoroughly as legal shrewdness could sug
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Commissioner in charge of the Canadian Red Cross both
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there is sUght pustular exudation mixed with them hence P. empyodes.
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Again I say that in comparing the results with those
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may sink and die or he may perhaps sleep it off or he
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school forbid its use until the temperature is nor
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inoculator had a constant supply of patients. Immediately
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instances beyond responding more than feebly to any controlling
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lbs. He had been a carriage horse until about two years ago
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vasomotor phenomena only occur after intravenous injections. These are
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secretin may be formed in all animals examined by him
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axilla. He also exhibited the tubes and ovaries re
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in place of the inert and insoluble talcum powder in the
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