cows quite apart from the disease of the udder lends support

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spleen examination. Again in dealing with malaria we are dealing with

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de la sante he added to it a little treatise by Nicolas

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We recommend that the unit system of appropriations be continued

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The international sanitary congress in session In the

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and plague were reported to the surge on general during the

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is the great primary function of registration and not

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were susceptible of more than one interpretation. Thus he

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elephant that liveth an hundred beareth its young above a

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justly said that a well regulated moral instinct is

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assistance James Blundell his nephew who had studied

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tance of floating kidney. This question as it stands

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the hands. If gloves are not worn in ojie rating upon clean

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which she rallies quickly however but a bruised sore

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have been administered improperly and under such circumstances I tell you

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by the influenza epidemic. A convalescent hospital was opened

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clearing up of matters previously doubtful and enlarge

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tained their tradition of charity. Until the last two years they

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from tho first pure culture of the particular micro

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in the blood which either obstructing the capillary arteries in the

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most sudden and distressing dyspnoea has taken place and death seemed

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the unpleasant incidences such as choking with mucus swallowing

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they were not obliged to go to a hospital or sanitarium.

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defences of the organism against diseases the chief food stuffs

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surface and at inferior edge both sesamoid bones with deposit

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simply a method a good method it is true and it has brought

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It is necessary that you should understand the methods

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samples of several of these finds that no two of them are identical

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child being ansesthetized and the hips well elevated. After the fluid haa

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feet. On the first floor will be an amphitheatre and the

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organ corresponding to that introduced if the serum

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urinary passages is likewise found to be insensible in some hys

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We see that when laws are attached to facts whether in nature or

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ago to attend annually the meetings of this Society. The profit that

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contract in both directions in both length and breadth their

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sion we have first cases in which the septa between the

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the cases in which this bacillus occurred were dan

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in the hypochondrium and there will be anorexia nausea and a sense

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a very copious discharge of dark colored pus from an abscess parts

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where suggest that it has a function. Histology and experi

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of the kidney or disturbance of its lected the gravity may be determined

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Acne that is to say localised inflammation of the sebaceous glands

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The sleep may thns be prohinged lor many hours. After waking

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often quite unconnected with temptation and arises from an individual

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an epidemic or rather a pandemia in 1889 with its sub

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amount of pressure as nearly continuously as possible. This treat

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use. Other organs are not disturbed unless when in lesions

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scarlatina and continued with frightful violence until the fifth day when

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ive and historical of the older stylistic it aims to reject or confirm

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contradictory. The experiment of injecting glycerin

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war medical service farther than any other nation. The efficiency and

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should be given with the greatest caution in the presence of

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been amply corroborated by the work of other investigators. One

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feieuce for the more I liodern operation will find acceptance

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from either the superficial or the deep seated variety. At an advanced

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de novo in the putrefying substances and that there was no such

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tion. He belonged to a nation among which I am privi

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the disk flowers. Achenia thick and short four sided. Pappus a small

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the patients are remarkably paUid from the very first or after a

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the Most Important Ophthalmic jNIethods Employed for the

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consistent compounds deserve no place in serious scien

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These cell masses occur in adult animals particularly in those

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tion of interruptions in the light reflex act. In Dr. Oliver s paper

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power of the nose. Lavage of the nasopharynx should be

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sole control. It is a terrible business when two three

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In a short series of cases of enteric fever which came under my

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cavus have been present from early infancy in cases of the disease and