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choroiditis pigmentosa with atrophy of the optic nerves.
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dry and harder contents as a traumatic agent. The same statement
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the digestive organs the tongue is often intensely red
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albuminuria may result from obstruction of the inferior vena cava.
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undigested acid food with a foul odor or one of faces
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the British Army and better than the one then in existence but
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the red silk robe and cap the insignia of his grade
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servations that show the new product to be exceedingly
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excellent anatomist an ingenious experimentalist and of gentle and
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Until a recent period the anatomical structure of the different
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average of 71 5 per cent for 1919. There were various influences
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tumor for several months. She had been ill four days
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coln Neb. editor of the Western Medical Review Sec
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auscultation crepitant and sibilant rales were still audible. On the
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Cesarean section refers to the delivery of a foetus by means of
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igan for a few months. The aroma of the pine woods will have
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tion upon one special aspect of the tuberculosis question.
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setts General Hospital Boston on Thursday October i6th
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ters considered by these investigators sufficient to separate the
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the subjects of which we have already treated with a
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TliC steps of tlie reefing advancement are as follows 11 Tlio
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tice. The military physician should not forget them
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This Finest Scotch Oatmeal is INVALUABLE IN CONFINE
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of our institutions provided proper hospital care can be given them
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recovered from the pharynx after as short a space of time as ten
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Infection gradually extends from the bladder to the ureters and kidneys.
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number of deaths having fallen considerably. Nevertheless some exceptional
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