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Dyspnoea is a common and important symptom. The expression of

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vomiting. Prepared milk and Valentin s extract of beef in teaspoon

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pound of iron or calcium.. Preparations of arsenic whether

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taining 1 000 million bacilli to the c.c. The injections were given at

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sensibility to pain is far less than the loss of tactile sensibility

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and right and left through small passage ways into wards. Ante

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In organisms possessed of nerve centres this general rudi

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any organic lesion pursuing a chronic course during a year or more

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done by any spoken discourse no matter how carefully prepared.

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sponds to the sub arachnoid space. The spinal cord is readily traced

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in rupture of the liver This has been affirmed and some cases have

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To this end the system combines uninominal voting with list

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increase the dose up to 15 grains no more of the dried

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overlying bladder bridging over vul wedge sliding down

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On the other hand filarial diseases abound and the cule.v fatigans

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of its action. Kyes considers that the treatment is still in the experimental

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superior quadrant is practically unattended by reaction. 2. Re

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office. After the armistice was signed and the Third Army advanced into

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a steady specialization and a tendency to express this specialization

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tuberculous poisons which kill tuberculous guinea pigs

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coming tlie Representatives said that this was the largest

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mations. A firm grasp of space relations as developed in descriptive

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written upon this subject and I am aware that poems worthy a

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the site of swelling and of characteristic cauliflower like growth. Rarely

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whole theory of trituration at least as applied to Silica

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Earthquakes in Brazil Bulletin of the Seismological Society of

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glass of the decoction drank before each meal. Our friend

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arise independently from the first vagus ganglion. One of these

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through the walls of the vessels. Other interesting pictures were

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A small tree the branches stout gray or brownish the branchlets gray

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of Dr. Ayer was not so surgical as the open method and one

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ever of the latter. The slightest movement would utterly spoil the reaction

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other hoop provided with offsets through which the above mentioned

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were later elaborated and form the basis of a report.

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normal assimilative processes can take place with the

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shown by experimental means that typhoid fever can be pre

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Jicial canal should be established in the obstructing

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method that would block the sewerage main the vena cava of a

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this plug will be more than counterbalanced by the saving of blood.

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tines failing to do their part in digesting food which

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discharges are almost invariably preceded and when the patient recovers

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near its centre. The section passes through the island in lob

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ful until such time as these two opinions can be reconciled and the

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silk and if soiled by discharges are kept odorless by an iodine spray.

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expect and yet those getting results somewhat divergent

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health resorts and sanatoriums 4 venereal diseases

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stomach and intestines is slower digestion accompanied by waste

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this change and pulmonary tuberculosis has not been demon

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individual during the action of speaking. Fasola considers that

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My main object and endeavor in offering this report will

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cent. In forty six cases the pericarditis was purulent. Porter s

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methods of research he did more than any other observer

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ease the cap or band pressure pain in neurasthenia the

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This effusion mav become coagulated and persist or it may form a

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rigid starch free diet. I also believe that the fact

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voice by the entire disuse of his vocal organs. Besides we

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Bilateral ankylosis is rather liable to give rise to error in diagnosis

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ated tract at the level of the lowermost border of the seventh

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gated in State institutions for life and not. as is

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temperature and of the largest rainfall. The water supply of Suva

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tified in removal of the tumour. It is all very well