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It is well written clear and in terms easily understood by the

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The dinner of the Loudon Royal Free Hospital School

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controversy has raged between the two schools Whitfield 1905

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ing particularly at night a dose of morphine gr. or heroin gr.

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inadvisable to penetrate the endocardium but it is

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cases of relative incompetence the feeble contraction of the right heart

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the graduating class equipped as you are for the import

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capillary pressure remains constant or shows only a slight rise

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them respectively with olein. They also state that there are two dis

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sults are obtained. Ward surgeons and nurses are instructed by the

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and gives the child into the anxious mother s arms the one

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visual perception as distinguished from sensation centres which are

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and Egyptian Ophthalmia by SirW. A. at Greenwich Hospital 8vo

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genic infection of the skin as a complication of scabies and pediculosis.

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South African blankets from which millions of typhoid bacilli

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himself must be taken to an absolutely isolated hospital but

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amount of advertising. It is notorious of course that

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used the muscles responded sharply and deeply to make

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drawing out all the loops of cord in the vagina and then grasping

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Dr. Barker How can you find out whether ventricular prema

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Dr. Bell and there were several points on which further

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soft tissues behind by the thin edges of the single glass

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oil removed by hydraulic pressure. The oil as obtained is very

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he was very ill and supposed the illness to be due to teething.

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brought into the world was but a moment before enjoying

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longer follows the round ligament but pierces the ab

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for headquarters were also required. These needs were obviated by tlie

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Though Dr. Osier s own writing does not figure for

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and if they vary with the fibrosis in the liver the conclusions are

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patient was confined to his bed. Boyer s treatment leaves therefore few

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gave a negative result. These experiments were inter

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What to do. Reduce the pulse at once by doses of tincture of

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During the attack he had a dull feeling in the back

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bined the salary offered for the joint posts would not be

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tain slope of Colorado extending for 400 miles north

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instructional and research work in the various departments of the univer

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conscious self of which the personal consciousness is ignorant. The

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action of the adamantoblasts upon the mesoblastic stroma just as

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Exercitationes de Animalium Vertebris carentium in ovo

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circumstances should these methods be employed in a routine way.

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Moreover who is to determine the value of the lives

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the testicles become inflamed. Such attacks of fever and inflamma

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processes directed centrally and bipolar cells one process

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acid origin should not be overlooked and is capable of

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sidered in the youngest children as the representative of asthma. Having

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It is not enough to say that my experience of the last

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pints of milk daily and it fed him sufficiently afterwards as

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Section 161ni. which authorizes the processing fabricating

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pear quite similar but however convergent their outward forms

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state the exact proportion of the vaccinated persons in whom re vaccina

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and well known contributor to medical literature. Philadelptaa Afedieal

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to a bit of litmus paper did more than suggest Baccharln and the

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already introduced to cope with the havoc arising from the

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When ectopic gestation and pregnancy coexist or ectopic gestation and

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other places for the jjurpose of scientific exploration.

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identical in character with croupous. It differs from it in a more intense

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consistently and rightly be judged differently by these different

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well prepared vegetable soup mildly spiced. Of the meats either

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tance that should never be lost sight of namely that

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capacity confirming observations of Arnold made many years before.

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English Barber. They say as ow the cholera s in the

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ordinary circumstances disregards these and other probaljle or

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It is possible that the higher degree of infection made these forms

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pint of boiling water. The patient s sufferings may sometimes be con

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is capable of digesting when it gives the reaction with methyl violet.

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IN MAKING this anthology of medical verse it has been my

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It Avas unfortunate that Sydenham applied the term chorea to an affection