hage I accordingly suggested that a conservative line be
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hogs many of which had been allowed to run all over the place
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comfort of this method commend it to every operator.
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of retardation and other irregularities of the circulation in rendering
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cure occurs. Interference being necessary attempts must be made
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charge at the cathode and secondly upon the amount of resistance
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fore the statement was not admissible 2 That such a statement
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ear and so on ad infinitum. In short as was stated before the
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One attack of renal colic renders another very probable either imme
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The rate at which the current is increased is of importance
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able addition but not destined to supplant etherization by
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Treatment. 1 For the fulminating type affecting only one kidney
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Burkitt and MacGilchrist agree that the cause may be due to
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and planets to exercise such an influence over human life
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based on the corresponding results was presented at the October 29 1909
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cleaned and disinfected freight wagons. In the north
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issued instructions with regard to infected houses. Before
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Altogether about 42 cases have been reported from various
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having taken into consideration the provisions of the National
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resistance in individuals inoculated with the virus of
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the series is too small to warrant any definite conclusion is
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Their people stay even more closely in their neighborhoods than the people
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cardiac syncope. The dose of chloroform varies with the size of the
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and irritability of temper increasing the somnolence and mental stupor
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moment after the expansion of the vessel the systole follows
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especially to determine whether the sanitary conditions
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keep the child cool keep the child clean and give a limited
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BOTAKicAL cuABACTEBS. A herbaceous annual 1 2 feet high leaves ovate
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Now all this is confirmed from the experimental testimony
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these graduates have subscribed their subscriptions being
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iu the same parts of the kidney and at the same momeut.
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Oreodon resembles that in the modern Bovidae but differs from
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this part of the cord take part in the iDflamniation become thicbwi
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arteries do not carry air but we know that they carry oxygen the
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test and left the throat alone for one week. Although
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ceived through Mr. Chamberlain Colonial Secretary an ap
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ture declines smaller quantities will develop their physiological
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it somewhat resembles and with which it may be confounded on
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The action of apomorphin on the vomiting center in the
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failure to recognize cases of double infection the occurrence of
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licensed decaicse he is supposed to know ivhen the drugs he
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were in possession of private or secret remedies which were superior
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pose for which they were intended than it was found
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this way of nutrition was answerable unto the principles of
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the trees and sand are bounded by the visible horizon
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tionally are the starting points of secondary growths of the same nature
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was quite low. The rate for simple fractures 1.62 was especially
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curred this granular muscular degenenition may be general or local. Oc
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front affords suitable accommodations for those who do
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When tlie patient was admitted to hospital he was feeling
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thick layer and offer more or less of an impediment to
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essential constituents of the mucous membranes broad
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duction of successive layers and it is probable systemic infection takes
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geuts normals subnormals asymptotes direction and rate of curvature evolutes and
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case. Mine appears to me to be interesting in several ways and
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there is disorganization of the sympathetic. It is not to
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acidity roentgenograms of the stomach were negative. Pupils
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the entrance to the pelvic inlet where it can be touched per vaginam.
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that the calamities of mortals are the work of evil
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of their comfort in life by pursuing a very equable routine. They are
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is both a capable and competent medical writer and we wish him
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following Pasteur s work on immunity in anthrax several
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to Widal s test but with negative results. Indeed who
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safest and best operation for the great majority of cases of haemorrhoids. It
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merablepeculiarities and minor variations in structure encountered in dissec
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occnpational fertility as tabulated in the report confirm
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acquire this desire for knowledge. The public as a whole through
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a certain number of homoeopathic remedies. The medi
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hitherto unsuspected agencies If so and these agencies
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the elongation of the so called hemispheres is altogether behind
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symptoms we must consider to be specially irritable. The pain
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not here to given you anything like a scientific lecture. I
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vent their solution it also served to suspend or dissolve color
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Of the degenerations mucoid and colloid are the most com
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by the impairment of respiration and the local interfer
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speculate upon the question of their nature but only ask you first to
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excellent music illuminated concerts theatres etc. amplv
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viously in good health was attacked on October ist
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bowels are situated mostly on the left side just behind the stomach.
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in epilepsy is secondary to abnormal conditions in the
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In one of these the bleeding ceased after a permanent catheter had
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ingly small and are easily administered even to infants.