admission he was semiconscious and was paralysed on the right side c
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upon the question of the causes of the production and decline of
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sensory nerves that the fingers should only serve to
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data ought to be an important if humble part of the
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familiarity with Greek and Latin literature is an accomplishment
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tile pursuit when we assert that our duties are worthy of re
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branches crowned with tufts of evergreen leaves elegantly drooping in
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prominent resistant to pressure and without a sign of
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hard mass could be felt in the left iliac region. Tem
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by ligation or by a more or less complete excision
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of the methaemoglobin and haemoglobin in the blood to cyan haemoglobin
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begin to ceafe the token is good if in the excrements fcra
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one has been practicing for years in a neighbrhood and his pa
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The syphilitic affections of the rectum may perhaps
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brown to a chocolate or black. The trunk neck back aud face are
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genation of the blood by artificial respiration and
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finea to a small part of the breast the remainder being ap
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which have been described by Gray and others are so closely allied to
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A Bill to enable parochial boards in Scotland to grant superannuation
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the natives all the superior cotton they grow. As aux
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the fact that there is much more in it than at first
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three years be returned together with the papers unopened containing the nanus
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In some rare instances it appears that an embolus travels in
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while many others have proved fatal where the management has been
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is a modification of Leube s in that he uses opiates
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Act provides that the names of members of the College shall be erased
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ized sprays of permethrin or deet on military clothing for
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Dr. X proceeds to explore the pelvis with that ocular
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occupation should be sought and every means should be employed to keep
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when released will instantly spring back to its original straightness.
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the reason that in 27 of them either no real surgical
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introduced in the New York Legislature simultaneously by Assem
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of these are in water colours and have beeu prepared by a skilled
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shall thereby acquire any right to practise Surgery or to be registered
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Pain weight and fulness at epigastrium especially after eating.
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allows of a direct communication from the one to the other and as
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in these areas of previous infection they will be entirely local we will
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Salary for 2 and 5 80 and 100 per annum respectively.
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with her eyes the upper lids lagged. Convergence too was defec
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and subpial space of a uniform cherry red color. Nothing but decompres
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vagina on the other hand according to our experience
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regains more tone than is generally supposed by being
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with bruit. Heart Apex in fifth interspace 9 cm. from median
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citric acid is much employed. Its principal use however is for the
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effect of high altitudes upon the blood making organs
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an artificial joint produced by rubbing the two surfaces together
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kept clean. The health of every community depends to a con
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Sir Berkeley Moynihan states the following The spleen is not
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It is still a vexed question whctlu r intelligent thought U
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dition of the neishboring tissues arising from adhesion or constitutional
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years ago used by Professor Owen against the independent
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advantages which it is capable of conferring were more
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can be no difficulty in coming to a diagnosis by exclusion. Further
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into the blood and thus cause a condition of hydremic
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organs which have secondarily gained antimeric relations as in
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yet we must demur accepting the pathological deductions
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He expressed himself as feeling much easier when the pressure was
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that the condition is analogous to a type of skeletal disease
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willingness to undergo an operation. This unwillingness is ex
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within three days from their onset. Girard College furnished the only
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these opinions are that Bovril now rests its claims to considera
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with a profuse flow of pus. I gave both cases thorough
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the llrst attempt but many have to try several times
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excitement errors in diet dentition and so on. It clears up with
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medium grade imbecile who had lived to reach the age of 58
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membrane and septum and its edge pressed backwards against
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be induced by anaesthesia of the mucous membrane in question.
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To effect forced extraction with one limb alone flexed the leg extended
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for the organization left the command and rode ahead to the
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infection of the gall bladder. The gall bladder con
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had been untempered hitherto by the personal tenderness the whole
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right side was admitted on January I2th 1SS0. The dullness
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