temperantiae alter alteri praestet. Qua etiam ratione solum Deum
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In this connection the Committee recommends that the definition of
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For long periods of time the heart was regular in rhythm but
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inorganic variety may be detected. In other words that the
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Arrows indicate direction of blood flow and demonstrated paths of migration
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sweUing and pain confined to certain muscles with edema of the
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gestive fever in cases where there is great muscular or nervous prostra
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Auto infection. The abdominal wall is shaved low enough to pre
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chondrosis. The forceps were applied at once and the head brought
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requiring immense apparatus and from eight to four
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styptic. An artificial leech can be obtained from instrument dealers.
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the most rigid asepsis dilate the cervix fully and as
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smoothed out by deposits of fat. On this assumption therefore
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hypersemia and a more extensive infiltration of the affected tissue. The
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joint removed the astragalus and os calcis with the
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useful m the treatment of endocervicitis with glairy mu
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this membrane extending through the nasopharynx and into the larynx and trachea. This
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reception of Ixmatics and other sick persons. Promptly the
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the affection ought to be obtained from other signs and exploratory
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tincture of iodine and the iodide of potassium and others retard
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shoulders but often if he is a little ewe necked which is not
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peritoneal abscesses and the removal of foreign l odies recognized by
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the second score of the fourth heat the judges observed that Smug
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of this fluid and of boric acid dissolved in it is made to
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avoid it. Those petty acquisitions and reputed perfections
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allow repair to proceed without further radiotherapeutic intervention.
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of punctures in the skin they deaden the pain of the first
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Edinburgh. Although none but women were present the hall was
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employed. The best method is by hot packs. The patient should be
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delayed by several weeks as it often happens. Not only the
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where Patients and Boarders can be sent for a change and provided
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Involuntary movements of certain muscles which accompany voluntary
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The importance of the fiction of adoption to primitive society
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arm upper third and paracentral lobule body and leg movement
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testicles may be left or removed. The original lymphatic
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portion was twisted on itself and the suspensory ll ano. we o
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stood. Such remedies should not be considered specifics
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and irritability of temper increasing the somnolence and mental stupor
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ment of ovarian pedicles with short ligatures has so
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neous faradization which acts most quickly may perhaps have
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pale yellow bloodless knife in cutting is smeared with fat oily stain on
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Let us briefly review the theory of the electrocardiograph and
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Hie following case goes to show that the mechanical irritation of
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tom at some period or other in the course of a case
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should bo made an object of national concern. These
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of the wound a rubber drainage tube seven sixteenths of an inch in
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Yorkshires have occasional dark spots on the skin. The hair however
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devoted to furnishing aid to the sick and wounded in
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tained areas of hemorrhagic infarction. The kidneys
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portion was twisted on itself and the suspensory ll ano. we o
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not a common feature of the If the condition is progressing rapidly
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of the affected area but these have not been successful. In every case
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Conditions favoring the Development of Epidemics. Yellow fever is a
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of the deep arteries of the ureter on account of their size and
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occupations of the day. The studious man could occupy himself
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upon any violent exertion. More air passes into the nostrils than
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Fort Washington this year as for the last several years has the
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of certain measures and drugs we can prevent puerperal septicaemia. It can
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Candidates wishing to be registered as Homeopathists must
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and outer side of the leg. In the muscles of the hands
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surgery. The reason for this is chiefly the compli
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had the nomination of the surgeons and the surgeons might
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who has the assistance of an anesthetist who is not
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demands particular attention it may be made a powerful agent in
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than any other case of sarcoma of the femur that Dr.
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means of affecting nutrition by climate and baths the actions
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at which the electrical energy is conveyed into the train besides
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In addition to exerting a more powerful inhibitory influence upon new
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indication of diaphragmatic adhesions on the frontal view showed these
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strain the lungs heart and vascular system generally.
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sary condition of success in the meat producing industry. While
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disturbance of digestion is due to infection or motor disturbance or is of
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systolic murmur at the apex and a very rough systolic murmur
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invite special study not only on account of their poetic suggestive
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devoted to the service of suffi ring humanity especially the care
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which 9 were girls. Again several of the pygopagous twins of whom
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will become exhausted and there may result a real aplastic anemia.
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Let us take a brief scientific glance at old age. Old folks are
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of powdered charcoal. The pans have stood during all that time in m
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due to the following prophylactic regime 1 A calomel
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than under normal circumstances. In fact many of our
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had seen which occurred in Paris at the Clinique d Accouchements twenty
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savagery and showed how irrational phenomena in higher religions
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causes because of dangers that are even greater than a considerable
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tions. In primary tuberculosis of the spleen its removal has cuied
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been preceded by shaving. The unexpected and unknown scars found
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of this most wonderful experiment in the scientific world. The sight
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Ketro stern il glands not enlarged. Both pleural cavities free
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be the symptoms of chronic pleurisy even when exudate is considerable.
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The women s conference had perplexing social problems due to the
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statistical purposes that this form of disease should be prominently
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repose which is so essential. He believes it to be d practice tu
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foot after loosening the capsule of the joint may then be luxated
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brain not affected. The patient dies of asphyxia during a
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while circulating in the vessels of the animal even
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