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stances in which it is very severe and it may even prove fatal.

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This student committee has frequently during the past four years

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on the isolated uterus. Only relatively large doses

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FISTULA IN ANO decomposed in the stomach and remains in

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ceeds in a class of cases which heretofore has been unsuccessfully

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demonstration of experiments which illustrate physiological functions. Three hours

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This terrible disease is not often seen in Scotland but very fre

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The following items in the article seem of special in

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Forcible Correction of the Deformity of Pott s Disease.

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ing nothing in his edition of 1898 in regard to the

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fessed that nothing conduces more to the rational method itself of healing than

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medicine to carry the waste fluids to the bowels bladder and

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due to the individuals affected rather than to the maladies under

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cause statistics are so unreliable but because they

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dust are given off. Opinions are divided on the question whether the

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portance than innumerable bacteriological controversies. Some

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doctor who amputated the finger. She complained that the

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it at its earliest stage. Its later developments except in relatively robust

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defy identification and isolation by the chemist and

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dectes are easily found hanging on by means of their claws and jaws

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Microscopically the capillaries of inclosed parasites phagocytes and

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Bleaching the Skin. Actress writes Would it he safe to use peroxid

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rheal rheumatism. For such cases there is a laboratory procedure called

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and going to an open door or window has been the death of

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H. Continuation of a joint study on renal hypertension with the Division

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State Reformatory March 5 1875 and he served continuously in

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indicate that this process was in progress previous to

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Temperance Hospital was formally opened by the Lord Mayor. Ac

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Act provides that the names of members of the College shall be erased

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any evidence that the intellect is materially injured I believe

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have been performed. In the first of these on April 18 the same

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degree as to be incapable of producing tuberculosis. The vac

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properly disposed of or cleaned so that the germs they have

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appreciation of the problems involved from the standpoint of the doctors

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After passing in review all of the causes likely to promote

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