Agatbinus of Sparta the teacher of Archigenes and Leonidas was

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officer of healtli to examine a patient suspected to be suffering

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Cooper should be his successor. But the claims of Mr. John Flint

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To reduce the Spleen Quinine and iron. 380. Bromide of potassium

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small amount. There will be an expenditure of 800 of the

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The worst shocked patient of all was No. 59 upon whom

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could not be held and their places could not be filled with trained

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If the splint be applied so as to fit the limb in its

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und die aftrologifcben Kenntniffe macbten cs ibin Icicbt mit dcr Praktik

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pharyngeus and vagus were formed and at a slightly later stage

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the cervical region at any age the same difficulty prevails. If a

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OuaUv Theodor Faduiar 1801 87. proftawf of jibyidaB gt t Imok UB

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Hasmatopericardium and complete fatty degeneration of the heart sudden

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amongst the most usual symptoms during its course. Enlargement of the

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Anona the genus being largely developed in tropical America and represented

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magisterial department. If the District Surgeon writes

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I have already alluded to the general condition and have antici

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concerned. It was thought by many of our best pathol

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Stocks of both fonns of this improved combination of the hypophosphite salts are

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few months ago This fifth Tolume consists of 905 pages

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i that I have no answer I can give. Mothers bring to

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reduction of potassium and iron. They also found that the

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perspires freely and experiences a very marked amelioration of general symp

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blindness at the fixation point of the right eye lasted the patient

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Tuesday June sd. New York Neurological Society Buf

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the results are mostly so heterogenous because this

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are very necessary to counteract the anaemia and debility. When