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bicarbonate in the treatment of acidosis or reserve it for only the gravest

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patient aged twenty two months. On the 6th of Janu

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styptic. An artificial leech can be obtained from instrument dealers.

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as excitants and stimulants yet there are many persons who seem to forget

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lem of the utility of the prophylactic and curative

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Next is family history. Do you belong to a cancer family

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whilst cancer of the ampulla has the same symptoms as that of the

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interference vnth. their blood and nerve supply. The parasites

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What pathologic changes occur in the air cells during pulmonary

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Senate Bill No. 115 entitled An Act to regulate the

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appointing three Public Vaccinators for the town. The

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which he had removed on account of long standing eczema of the nipple.

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reflex act. The high temperature stimulates sensory

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progress while the ulcerative process had been wholly

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Physicians from the scheme prepared by the Delegates of the two

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tus. Careful Intranasal examination and transillumination

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annual mortality of 27.1 per 1000 persons. There were 515 deaths

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which are of value in illustrating various important

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the deodorizers rather than with the antiseptics. The

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ments. Any attempt at such would injure the cervix

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which such persons shall respectively belong or in the service of the

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detriment of the individual because the criticism is

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may be utilized in the treatment of obstinate constipation.

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Some years ago a town was founded by a set of German

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noted. Thymol was introduced in the hope that it might be of