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The manner of closing the external incision as well as the

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family has been recorded it can certainly not be termed a familial disease.

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November 2 1st. Urine acid depositing urates and a peculiar clot of loose

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All epididymitis cases did well one case of periurethral infil

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subserve the best interests of humanity and science.

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the condition is quite unworthy to be classed as stenosis. It

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The Docophorus icterodes described as infesting the Goose is

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mutiUition and a more frightful lingering death. Suicide

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It is the current which must be whipped into submis

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of each lateral lobe is usually at the fifth or sixth ring of

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with the improvements in therapeutics. The earlier the treatment is

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through affections of the larynx and various portions of the gastro intestinal

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whole the iodid is the most useful and the most certain

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form of the cast is pyramidal although quite irregularly so.

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Of course very few men possess all these attributes but he who would

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based on the corresponding results was presented at the October 29 1909

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growths cause no more trouble than uterine squamous carcinoma 6 0.8

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law does not require that the witness should belong

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One of the early medical fads was known as Thomsoniasm steam

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mosquitos of the genus Jantlmiosoma. A female of Cuterebra cuniculi

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the muscles individually or directly. I believe this view